#339 Too high CPU usage

Windows (49)
another sam

Geany 0.17
GTK+ 2.16.2
Windows XP Professional SP3

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Geany
2. Open Windows Task manager
3. Order by Image Name
4. See Geany.exe CPU column

What happens: CPU usage around 7-8% (14-16% of one of the cores of my Intel Core Duo T2400)

What should happen: CPU usage around 0-1%

I hope you can reproduce it also.


  • JohnnyBoy

    JohnnyBoy - 2009-10-30

    Geany 0.18
    GTK+ 2.16.4
    GLib 2.20.4
    Windows XP Professional SP2

    I am seeing about a 7% CPU usage when Geany is idle too.
    Even when there are no files open in it.

  • Enrico Tröger

    Enrico Tröger - 2009-11-01

    I tried it with the SVN version of Geany on an emulated Windows 7 and Geany uses mostly 0% of the two emulated CPUs with 12 open files. So, I can't reproduce this.

    But please note, Geany runs noticeable slower on Windows than on Unix-like systems. This is partly caused by GTK, by Scintilla and Geany itself.

    If anyone has an idea what the high idle usage on your systems could cause and how to fix it, this would be welcome.

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    Anonymous - 2010-03-09

    I've run Geany 0.18 through AMD CodeAnalyst on WinXP on a P4 3.0Ghz HT pc

    I get the following samples from in libglib-2.0-0
    CS:EIP Symbol + Offset 64-bit Timer samples
    0x685e6350 g_main_context_check 11.88
    0x685e7aa0 g_main_context_prepare 7.28
    0x685e8140 g_main_context_acquire 6.13
    0x685e9220 g_main_context_is_owner 5.36
    0x685e6270 g_main_context_query 4.6
    0x686164f0 g_vasprintf 4.6
    0x685e6710 g_source_get_current_time 3.83
    0x685db200 g_hash_table_lookup 3.45
    0x685e60c0 g_get_current_time 3.45
    0x685f4f30 g_poll 3.45
    0x685e6e20 g_main_context_dispatch 3.07

    11 functions, 117 instructions, Total: 149 samples, 40.71% of samples in the module, 0.37% of total session samples

    More worrying, perhaps, is that inside the Geany process, the HAL.dll spends quite a bit of time aquiring and releasing locks
    CS:EIP Symbol + Offset 64-bit Timer samples
    0x807019f0 KeAcquireInStackQueuedSpinLock 41.18
    0x80701aa8 KeReleaseQueuedSpinLock 33.03

    2 functions, 10 instructions, Total: 328 samples, 41.26% of samples in the module, 0.82% of total session samples

    Is Geany is painting in the idle loop or something, even when Geany is invisible?

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    Anonymous - 2010-03-09

    I'll also add that Geany was using 5.5% CPU when idle.

    Last edit: Anonymous 2015-11-03
  • Enrico Tröger

    Enrico Tröger - 2010-03-15

    I don't know. I can't imagine it would repaint itself when idling.
    The only thing is that the editor cursor is redrawn quite often, too often. But this is a Scintilla issue.

    And then, I don't understand why this doesn't happen on my system.

  • helios

    helios - 2010-07-20

    Geany 0.19
    Windows XP Pro SP2

    I also see a constant 7% cpu usage from the Geany.exe process. This makes it unusable.

    I tried disabling many of the preferences, but nothing effected the usage. I had it installed not on my OS drive so I uninstalled and installed it there, but that did not effect the usage either.

  • yurad

    yurad - 2011-10-17

    I did some observations. On Windows XP I also see Geany is using 7%-8% CPU when being inactive. However, it is related on other programs. In my case Geany is using CPU only if either Firefox or Chrome is running. When I close both, Firefox and Chrome and work with IE only, Geany stops to use CPU!

  • Anonymous - 2012-09-12

    This really sounds like a GTK+ related issue (as kibibu's comment seems to confirm). Can anyone confirm if they're still affected by this and that other GTK+ applications (like Pidgin or Gedit for example) don't do the same? I can't reproduce on WinXP (in a VM) or Win7 on a real PC (regardless if Firefox is open or not).

  • Lex Trotman

    Lex Trotman - 2012-09-14

    Should be closed as out of date unless codebrainz request for more information is answered.

  • Lex Trotman

    Lex Trotman - 2012-09-14
    • status: open --> pending
  • Thomas de Grenier de Latour

    I still have a CPU usage issue in Windows XP (Geany 1.22, with the embedded GTK+
    - Geany alone : 0% CPU
    - Geany + Firefox : 0% CPU... until I load a page with Flash video (Youtube for instance). Geany CPU then raises to ~5%, even if the window is minimized.
    - after closing Firefox (or just killing its "plugin-container.exe" sub-process), Geany CPU goes back to 0%

    I have installed Gedit 2.30.1, which includes the same GTK+ version (, and it does not seem to be affected by any similar CPU usage issue.

  • Anonymous - 2012-09-15
    • status: pending --> open
  • Anonymous - 2012-09-15

    Setting status back to Open for now, even though I don't see how this could be a Geany issue. I've been wrong before :)

  • Emanuel Ey

    Emanuel Ey - 2012-11-01

    I've been having this same problem since at least 1.19, although never in windows, only in Linux.
    Currently I'm running 1.22 on ubuntu 12.04 with kde (can't stand unity) with:
    libgtk3 - 3.2.0
    libgtk2 - 2.24.6

    Geany + X will use ~100% of a CPU core when not minimized.
    This is an old issue and i've found references of it going back to 2008 and as recent as june 2012 (http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-bugs/2012-06/msg02550.html).
    Someone mentioned this is a scintilla bug while others have said this is a GTK problem, and yet this only happens to me with Geany...
    Can someone pinpoint this, or is there known a workaround?

  • Lex Trotman

    Lex Trotman - 2012-11-02

    @eynuel, the problem is that none of the developers get the problem so we don't know what causes it. Admittedly none of us use KDE and maybe its an interaction between KDE and GTK. But as you noted all such suggestions are mere speculation.

    Since you have the problem, can you run Geany inside GDB and see if you can find where it is consuming the time?

  • Emanuel Ey

    Emanuel Ey - 2012-11-02

    @colombanw sounds similar, although in my cases it is not menu/dialog related -it happens as soon as i open geany.
    Still, I'm also using oxigen so I'll try switching themes to see if it solves the issue.

    @elextr: I'm at work now [where i convinced the sysadmin and my colleagues to adopt geany ;) ], but I'll see if i can run geany trough gprof to figure out whats going on.

    Originally, the cpu hogging would only begin after geany being open for a couple of hours. I could then simply restart geany and all would be good. At the time i noticed that it seemed to get triggered by accidentally changing the text size (ie, ctrl + mouse scrolling). Since 1.21 it is now permanent...

  • Colomban Wendling

    This is old and lacks new info.

    Also, a recent Scintilla update that will be part of the next release (1.25) improved idle performances by using specialized timers instead of a single all-purpose always-running one -- this might fix the issue.

  • Colomban Wendling

    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date
    • Found in: --> Unknown
    • Fixed in: --> None

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