#1019 Printing syntax-highlighted text fails when colours are inverted

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Paul Sleigh

I prefer a dark background, so I ticked the checkbox in Edit | Preferences | Editor | Display | Invert syntax highlighting colours. However, when I went to print a document, which displayed as white on black on screen, the printer attempted to print it with various light colours on white. So I switched off syntax highlighting (Document | Set File Type | None) and tried again, and this time it printed white on white. While this certainly reduces ink costs over time, it's not necessarily the optimal solution!

I believe the smartest move is to simply not print syntax highlighting at all. But if that's not an option, the next best bet is to ignore the Invert syntax highlighting option and print with whatever colours would have been used if the screen had had a white background.


  • Paul Sleigh

    Paul Sleigh - 2013-12-30

    Operating system is Ubuntu 13.10, version of Geany obtained through apt-get as usual.

  • Anonymous - 2013-12-30

    What if the user is using a dark color scheme and invert colours option is activated (making it a light scheme)?

  • Colomban Wendling

    What should probably be implemented is the usage of a different theme for printing, and stop using Scintilla option SC_PRINT_COLOURONWHITE. Alternatively, or additionally, we could also support the other Scintilla settings like SC_PRINT_BLACKONWHITE.

  • Colomban Wendling

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  • Lex Trotman

    Lex Trotman - 2013-12-30

    Given the low use of printing, I think selecting a colour scheme, printing and then selecting another scheme is acceptable.


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