#92 Wrap selected text with html tag

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it would be very helpful to be able to write html tags around the selected text via keyboard shorcuts (i dont see any html-related specific tag insertion in Geany menus or dialogs) Its very annoying having to type the tags manually or moved from one place to another. This also leads to syntax errors sometimes.


  • dmaphy

    dmaphy - 2011-08-16

    Have a look at the XML tagging feature of the Addons plugin (http://plugins.geany.org/addons.html), it allows you to wrap a specific XML - and thus (X)HTML - tag around a selection via a key binding. :)

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-16

    There's also the geany-zencoding[1] plugin which has a bunch of keybindings/actions for working with HTML.

    [1] https://github.com/codebrainz/geany-zencoding

  • Enrico Tröger

    Enrico Tröger - 2011-08-16
    • assigned_to: eht16 --> nobody
  • legion1978

    legion1978 - 2011-08-16

    It turns out for some reason i havent had the plugins installed correctly (go figure *.*) so it wasnt showing in the list.
    Question: can I bind different shortcuts to specific tags (so it gets written right away) or it can only be done by calling the dialog and typing the tag in (which is the only binding option i see in the shortcuts section)?

    Zen coding is very cool. I briefly tested it on PSpad shortly before i jumped definitely into linux. Never thought of it again till now (amazing huh).

    thanks guys.


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