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[I'm afraid I couldn't create a ticket as feature request, so I create it as a bug-]

One of the most useful features that Evolution has is that you can select multiple spell-checking dictionaries, so that all messages will be checked against these dictionaries.

Since the feature itself leaves up to the user how many dictionaries are selected, this is useful in the two following scenarios:

-User composes documents in different languages (English, German and Spanish [which is the case for me]).

-Document has portions in other languages than the main language.

There might be cases of well written words that are actually typos, but this something that the user will realize when enabling more than a spelling dictionary.

Just in case it helps, I attach an image of Evolution spell-checking preferences.

Many thanks for your help,


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  • Enrico Tröger

    Enrico Tröger - 2013-06-17

    This is interesting.
    Just to be sure, it's simply that instead of checking the text against one dictionary the text is checked against a list of dictionaries?
    What happens if a word, e.g. "hallo" is spelled correctly in German but not in English? Should it be marked as wrong or not?
    In other words, need wrong words to be mispelled in all configured dictionaries or is it enough to be wrong in one of the configured dictionaries?

    What about spelling suggestions? Combine them from all dictionaries?

    • Pablo Rodriguez

      Pablo Rodriguez - 2013-06-17

      To the first question: yes, words are checked to a list of dictionaries previously selected by the user.

      To the second question: words are only marked as wrong when they are wrong in all dicionaries. If you happen to write "hallo" in English and German is selected: Schade, Pech (und Rechtschreibfehler) gehabt!

      And spelling suggestions should be offered by language (such as Evolution does). Just in case it isn't clear, de-DE, de-AT and de-CH (to name some) are three different languages in this respect.

      I have been using this for years within Evolution and I find this feature extremely useful.

      At worst, this is something optional. Users can still select one and only one language. Or users can mix languages that cannot conflict, such as English, Russian, Hebrew, and Greek (such ones that need different scripts).

      Many thanks for your help,


  • Pablo Rodriguez

    Pablo Rodriguez - 2013-06-23


    each time I have to change language in Geany (which is practically with each different document), I remember this open issue.

    Would this feature be implemented in the plugin?

    Just in case it helps, attached is the spelling suggestion contextual menu.

    Many thanks for your help,


  • Pablo Rodriguez

    Pablo Rodriguez - 2013-07-07

    I don’t code and I’m not sure whether the following might help.

    hunspell from version 1.2.2 supports multiple-dictionary checking.

    -d: support extra dictionaries by comma separated list. Example:

    hunspell -d en_US,en_med,de_DE,de_med,de_geo UNESCO.txt

    Just in case it helps.



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