#90 Treebrowser create new file/directory fails


If you try to create a new file/directory in the tree browser context menu, it fails if you're browsed to that same level.

In other words, say you have /etc/var/ and you double click on var to browse to it. If you right click while over a file and try to create a directory now that the root of the browser is in var, you can't. It just closes the context menu without adding the folder. However, if you go up a directory and then expand the folder, right clicking on a file inside of var will create another file.

Another issue is that when a directory is created, it defaults to expanded, which looks funny when trying to edit the directory name.

Linux Mint 11 64-bit 2.6.38-8-generic
geany 1.23 (git >= 560579d) (built on Dec 17 2012 with GTK 2.24.4, GLib 2.28.6)


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