#84 GeanyVC doesn't work with new SVN

geanyvc (6)

Basically, the new version of SVN (1.7 I think) no longer keeps a .svn directory inside each directory, only in the base. GeanyVC currently checks for the existence of this directory as a check about whether the current directory belongs to SVN. Since it also uses `svn info` to check, looking for the directory is probably unnecessary (though I don't know the original reason for both checks being present), but in any case it doesn't work with the latest subversion.

This might be the cause of bug 3563161.


  • Galland

    Galland - 2012-11-06

    Thanks for your insight Alex. And since it's 2 months without a fix, I offer here a very crude one:

    1) Download source code of Geany (v1.23) and plugins from git
    2) inside plugins source, go to geanyvc and edit vc_svn.c:
    - comment lines 175-176 ( if .... return FALSE; ) to not look for .svn folder
    - in line 124 (blank) write: return base;
    3) configure&make both Geany and plugins

    SVN behavior is then back to normal for me (Xubuntu 12.10 - SVN 1.7.5) that I use only SVN, though these quick changes are ugly and sub-standard. I just did not have time to go deeper into GeanyVC's source.

  • frlan

    frlan - 2012-11-09

    Well, I think changing if (!find_dir(filename, ".svn", FALSE)) to if (!find_dir(filename, ".svn", TRUE)) will be a better solutinon. Not tested by now. But will be done once I find time and pshed to git.

  • frlan

    frlan - 2012-11-09
    • assigned_to: yurand --> frlan
  • John Beavers

    John Beavers - 2013-07-08

    Any progress on this, frian?

    If not, do I have to recompile only the plugin, or both the plugin and geany?

  • frlan

    frlan - 2013-07-09


    On Mon, 08 Jul 2013 17:00:33 +0000
    "John Beavers" jabeavers@users.sf.net wrote:

    Any progress on this, frian?

    Should be fixed with git 7061c747d9b


  • frlan

    frlan - 2013-08-02
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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