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#105 GeanyVC: Commit message with spaces and Mercurial (others?)


When using GeanyVC commit with Mercurial, if a commit message has spaces, the commit fails without any notification or error return. The commit message requires quotes if there are spaces. It is true that Mercurial also requires quotes on commit messages in the command prompt, but GeanyVC presents a GUI to the user, and therefor, should automatically handle this (like TortoiseHg does). Without any error messages, it took me several hours to identify this problem.

Additionally, if the commit message only has the leading quotes, the message becomes quite long in hg log report. The example log file below shows results for the following test:

  • changeset 4: forgot closing quote
  • changeset 3: opening and closing quotes used
  • changeset 2: message without spaces but with special char
  • changeset 1: message without spaces
  • changeset 0: single word

Log output:

changeset:   4:2924f044c72c
tag:         tip
user:        John Doe <>
date:        Mon Oct 28 15:55:28 2013 -0500
summary:     added a line to third file C:\Users\Doe\hg-sandbox\geany-vc-test\third-file.c >C:\Temp\tmp_MW184W 2>C:\Temp\tmp_V4084W

changeset:   3:355ac7042ce1
user:        John Doe <>
date:        Mon Oct 28 15:52:30 2013 -0500
summary:     commit message with spaces

changeset:   2:a4878e7d68c6
user:        John Doe <>
date:        Mon Oct 28 15:50:59 2013 -0500
summary:     added-a-new-line-to-second-file

changeset:   1:5d31adcfe210
user:        John Doe <>
date:        Mon Oct 28 15:49:22 2013 -0500
summary:     nospaces

changeset:   0:43bc6faef2fc
user:        John Doe <>
date:        Mon Oct 28 15:47:50 2013 -0500
summary:     first

Software versions:
Geany 1.23.1
Geany-plugin 1.23
Mercurial 2.7.2
Windows 7 SP1


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