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lxDVDshrink 0.3

This one gets rid of improper source stream size passing to vamps, so the result is definitely better (no jerkyness on standalones) but temporarily occupies more HD space ( ~ 10GB ) depending on the length of the source clip. From now on I'll produce .tgz releases ONLY as I switched to Ubuntu.

Posted by toba 2006-11-16

lxdvdshrink 0.2-1 is out

While I'm developing GUI for this engine, I added more precise algorythm for calculating the compression factor for shrinking.

Posted by toba 2006-09-26

lxdvdshrink 0.2 'remake' is out

After a hard work, i rewrote the basic class od the application and now:
- video calculation is precise
- subtitle pallete is OK
- shrinking factor targets to =~ 4.3GB
- XML is gone and everything is quicker now
- communication with the user is now more friendly and safe

Posted by toba 2006-09-22

lxDVDshrink 0.1-2 'fitter'

This is a bugfix release only, the target DVD calculation should now better fit on the medium...

Posted by toba 2006-09-07

lxDVDshrink 0.1-1 'Oooops'

The initial version had stupid silly mistake when parsing input dir and hashing the spaces. Sorry for inconvenience, install/update by this version as quickly as possible.

Posted by toba 2006-09-05

lxDVDshrink 0.1 'Console' released

After the success of gDVDshrink, I decided to rewrite the code and separate the package from the frontend. The library is working now and this package includes CONSOLE version of new 'dvdshrink' for linux. It already has more features than the old gDVDshrink had and, don't warry, the new gDVDshrink will follow shortly. Enjoy.

Posted by toba 2006-09-05

gdvdshrink 0.3-9

SUBTITLES functionality added! Moved from Glade2 to Gazpacho GUI builder and cleaned he code a bit. NOw it's working fast and well and the results are always (so far) 4.4GB

Posted by toba 2006-08-04

gDVDshrink 0.3-1 'Finally working :-)'

After a holiday, I finally managed to get gDVDshrink working, at least that's what I hope. The final 'shrinked' DVDs now get the size of 4.4GB and fit to the medium. Video size estimation is now faster.
IMPORTANT: please use 'vamps' version at least 0.99

Posted by toba 2006-07-30

gDVDshrink 0.2-3

added dvdauthor dependency to the rpm spec file.

Posted by toba 2006-07-18

gdvdshrink 0.2-2

A MUST HAVE. The previous version worked badly, I am very sorry for that inconvenience. This is mainly a BUGFIX release, here are the highlights:

+ fixed number of imported chapters, caused gDVDshrink to segfault
+ requant value fixed for $factor < 1 (=> $factor = 1)
+ fixed removal of zero-length chapters
+ fixed the pre-selection of the longest title
+ improved progressbar drawing speed
+ for titles < 4200MB corrected progressbar fraction calculation

Posted by toba 2006-07-17

gDVDshrink is alive and kicking

gDVDshrink is finally donwloadable. It's a very simple application that lets you choose your favourite DVD title, its audio tracks and, hopefully, subtitles in the future, and then recompresses the MPEG-2 video stream quickly so that the newly reauthored DVD fits on an 4.2 GB onle-layer DVD. Enjoy and send bugs...

Posted by toba 2006-07-17

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