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Gdreamweb 0.8.2 final is out

I strongly suggest the migration toward the 0.8.2 version since some core tables have been modified/removed.
You can also wait for the next version, it will come with a migration script hence will avoid the need to reinstall the database.
This version adds multiple document format support and corrects minor bugs.

Posted by Loďc Touraine 2003-04-30

Gdreamweb release 0.8.0 is out

The Gdreamweb release 0.8.0 is out and is a major step to the production release. Once the webportal online management is finished (ACLs online management and some other minors features), the portal will be in 1.0 version.
The documentation will follow soon, please be patient ;-) and do not hesitate to ask any questions you could have (what are the differences with Zope, with phpnuke...).

Posted by Loďc Touraine 2003-02-19

New gdreamweb release

I'm pleased to announce the GDreamweb 0.7.6 release.
Several major corrections and evolutions are done, and this release is stable enough for the core (the portal itself and the site and document management modules).
The documentation is on going, but please send your comments and questions.

Posted by Loďc Touraine 2003-01-22