Oldest FSDB bug fixed

  • Daniel Kionka

    Daniel Kionka - 2009-01-11

    I finally fixed an old bug with the FSDB/PGV integration.  It is the one that kept me creating patches instead of going forward with release 14.

    When you added a new INDI, like a sibling, and immediately added details, and then added another sibling, the details on the first one disappeared.

    I finally figured out what happened.  Bkedit would populate the events table with the new record, but then the sync thread (that keeps FSDB in sync with PGV) would refresh the record bkedit was using, orphaning the events in the table.  You would update the birthday and save the record, but that record now had the original empty birthday from PGV.

    The first change was to add asserts to check for that kind of inconsistency.  Then the fix was to use the lock() feature that jLifelines uses to keep its records cached.  FSDB now uses lock() to mean that you should not refresh it from PGV.  Now I can release GDBI with FSDB.

    • Daniel Kionka

      Daniel Kionka - 2009-01-18

      I released patch 13.6 with this fix.  After I write some documentation on the "new" FSDB/PGV feature (several years old, but new since release 13), I will finally release version 14.


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