Daniel Kionka - 2006-09-03

I just added a demo on the GDBI home page:  http://gdbi.sourceforge.net/applet.html  It loads an applet with BKEdit.  I wanted to use the standard PhpGedView version of GDBI, but applet security does not allow CGI access to PGV (and other things).  Since it was so limited, I also took out lifelines reports and taurus familytree.  That gets the jar down to 400K.  I use an in-memory database, so I embedded the GEDCOM lines in the HTML page and passed it in as a parameter.

It has been a while since I have done anything with GDBI.  With open source, you don’t fix anything until something bothers you enough to take the time to work on it.  When I looked at some other genealogy website recently that had a demo, I realized that if you have to download GDBI before you can see what it does, many people might give up on GDBI without ever trying it.