Well, since its a decal, you shouldn't need to use Rt3 as output (you're not modifying positions of anything, just painting new material properties over the existing geometry). So maybe we confused the terms, I was recommending you render into albedo, normal, specular, etc. but not position.


On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 11:14 AM, Diogo de Andrade <diogo.andrade@netvisao.pt> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm not sure I understood what you and Jeff are recommending, to be


I start rendering to the G-Buffer... I have the buffers organized like this:

Rt0.xyz=normal (world space)
Rt0.w=depth (0..1 normalized)
Rt1.w=ambient intensity
Rt2.x=specular intensity
Rt2.y=specular gloss
Rt2.z=diffuse intensity
Rt2.w=emissive intensity
Rt3.xyz=position (world space)

Let's imagine I have a maze... I render all walls to these buffers, and now
it's time to render the decals themselves.

With the G-Buffer still as the rendertarget, I draw the geometry that makes
up the decals (obtained through intersection of the world geometry with the
decal frustum)...
Now, the part I don't understand is how to achieve blending (which would be
sweet), without having the G-Buffer simultaneously as a render target and as
input texture (which I think is not allowed under the majority of the
videocards). If I could have that, I'd be able to do whatever I wanted in
the way of blending and such...
To be honest, now that I think about it, I'm not even seeing how I can make
a shader to render the decal in a way it only influences the albedo, even if
it is a simple replace, without using colorwrite masks (which I didn't want
to use because they makes me have to switch states). What I'm trying to
achieve (but may be impossible) is to have a "decal sheet", which has all
the decals, so that with a single draw I can get all decals up... not sure
if that's possible...

Thanks all,


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