Heh, yea. The game's totally unplayable with this 'drunkvision' on. Just experimenting here.

But if we were going to use the effect I suppose it'd have to be limited to instances where we know the focal range the user is interacting with (iron sights, reloading, interacting with a nearby prop or character, cutscenes etc.).  As a general rule it'd have to be off, or limited to a far distance :/ A pity, since it looks so cool.


On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 2:58 PM, Jon Watte <jwatte@gmail.com> wrote:
Jeff Russell wrote:
> http://e.imagehost.org/0250/bokeh.jpg


However, this shows some of the problems of using DoF for general
gameplay: the slide on the center left has almost nothing interesting in
focus. In such a scene, the user will likely be scanning further out to
try to see what's up ahead, which the blur then hides. I suppose there
are two variables to play with: focus plane distance, and degree of blur
(size of shape). Perhaps some smart camera control can be developed for
solving this problem, just like there are now reasonable auto-exposure
algorithms in most HDR renderers.

Any ideas on that subject?



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