can you give us some pro's and con's of this method?

does it work with dynamic objects? I dont see any in your demo.

if not, I think some recent methods like refective shadowmapping, caustic mapping might do a better job....

On 7/11/06, Rich Wareham <> wrote:
On 7/11/06, Bretton Wade <> wrote:

> GA is neat stuff; unfortunately clean maths don't magically solve
> algorithmic problems. The Geomerics guys are certainly talented and they
> bring a new eye to the problem, but many smart people have looked at this
> problem for over 20 years.

But only in the past 2 years has hardware come along which can number
crunch sufficiently...

> My guess from looking at the stills (the movie won't play on my machine) is
> a low resolution radiosity solution (and the finite element solution the
> word "radiosity" implies) is being employed with a pixel shader gather step,
> or some other variant of a low resolution solution that can be computed
> every frame and passed in (photon map, etc.). The hard shadows are likely
> still done using <insert your favorite shadow algorithm>.

What format would be best for you? We tried to use one that would be
happy on Windows, Mac and Linux equally :).

> They have focused on color bleeding artifacts in a lot of the sample images,
> but I don't see strong indications of good detail like proper darkening into
> the corners, which would be a classic indicator of a high resolution GI
> solution. I would like to see the art pipeline, to know if artists have to
> tag objects that are expected to bleed color and whether there is any sort
> of geometry simplification step needed.

Here is some darkening via indirect shadow:

And here is some under the corridor:

There is no artist intervention required of the form you suggest. You
literally point the loght at coloured objects and magic happens. No
artist tagging required.

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