I don’t have procedural stuff going on - I just want to play with art textures and do some shader programming to just give the appearance of lava-lampy kind of effects. The cloud-map stuff using the noise approach that Megan mentioned is particularly the sort of thing I’m going to now try.


Thanks very much for for all your responses so far. Some interesting reading on your posted links – cheers!


Zafar Qamar


From: Robin Green [mailto:robin.green@gmail.com]
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I think the initial question was about droplets on a camera surface. Water droplets coalescing into larger droplets is more of a Poission points problem than a noise one. As two droplets come into contact they will generate a new droplet at the mean point between the two centers with a radius proportional to their two volumes. Making them run down the picture plane under gravitational accelleration means animating it's center and altering it's mass as it picks up surrounding droplets. Trails could probably be faked using a small heightfield that you decrement each frame.

The droplets themselves have a very specific shape depending on the surface tension and hydrophilic properties of the surface they land on, specified by the contact angle and the contact radius. These subtle curves around the contact edge of the droplet are important cues to interpreting what is being dropped onto what.


Trying to find a formula for the shape, ISTR it's a pretty regular analytic polynomial.

- Robin Green.

On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 11:41 AM, Megan Fox <shalinor@gmail.com> wrote:

When it comes to morphing effects, your best bet is to start with noise.

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