Yes, M_interp looks awfully familiar (:


Cheers, Jarkko


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Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2008 2:28 PM
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No. AFAICS (and assuming my maths is correct) the cubic spline Jarkko has described has the following basis matrix:

                [ -9  27  -27  9]

  M_interp =1/2 [ 18 -45  36  -9]

                [-11 18   -9   2] 

                [  2 0    0    0]


Whereas for a Hermite spline we have (from Foley et al)

              [ 2  -2  1  1]

  M_hermite = [-3   3 -2 -1]

              [0    0  1  0] 

              [1    0  0  0]




From: Andrew Vidler []
Sent: 04 November 2008 11:38
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I think you've just found a way of specifying the tangents for a cubic hermite curve?


If you look at the formula for q(1/3) and q(2/3) then you'll get two equations in terms of the endpoints and the tangent at each endpoint - just rearranging for the tangents gives you two equations (one for each tangent) in terms of the endpoints and q(1/3), q(2/3) - which is what you've got.


Unless there's some other characteristic of the spline that means it's not a Hermite?





From: Jarkko Lempiainen []
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Subject: [Algorithms] spline name



Does anyone know if there is a name for a cubic spline which goes through all the defined control points p0..p3 in the interval t=[0, 1], so that q(0)=p0, q(1/3)=p1, q(2/3)=p2 and q(1)=p3? I solved the basis matrix for it, but don’t know what’s the name of the wheel I just reinvented ;)



Cheers, Jarkko


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