Garmin Connect Updated - Login Failing

  • greypen

    greypen - 2014-02-19

    It looks like Garmin changed their login page today and authentication is now failing for me. Looks like they've got it wrapped up in javascript and urllib doesn't like it.

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  • Dave Lotton

    Dave Lotton - 2014-02-20


    Looks like hey've switched to a different authentication service. Looking at it, but I don't have any clues at the moment.

    Welcome any input.

  • greypen

    greypen - 2014-02-20

    I'm still pretty new with Python and this one looks to be out of my league. I'm not sure if urllib is going to cut it, may need to use something more browser-like to get the proper response from the URL. Maybe Selenium/Webdriver with PhantomJS - I can't find anything simple.

    Other suggestions say to use the Chrome developer tools to see what exactly is being sent by the browser. I'll keep poking around and let you know if I get anywhere.

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  • Brandon Murry

    Brandon Murry - 2014-02-26

    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for this awesome app. I use another app to cross upload my Garmin data to other applications. His approach to the new authentication Garmin is doing is outlined in his Git repo. Particularly this commit ( ). Hopefully this helps!

  • Dave Lotton

    Dave Lotton - 2014-02-26

    Excellent! Thanks for the tip, Brandon.

  • Dave Lotton

    Dave Lotton - 2014-03-01

    Okay, I've got something working based on Brandon's tip (thanks again, Brandon). I've been able to successfully upload a few files.

    I need to do a little more work and do some more testing. I also need to figure out how to properly attribute the code since I borrowed heavily from the tapiriik code.

    • Kristian

      Kristian - 2014-03-01

      Sounds promising!

      Tried looking, but didn't find: do you have an unstable git repo or some such?

  • Dave Lotton

    Dave Lotton - 2014-03-02

    New package uploaded to pypi.

    If you installed using pip the following will upgrade your package:

    sudo pip install GcpUploader --upgrade

    ...or you can download and install the tar file from

    I'm in the process of checking things into the SourceForge repo if you got it from there.

    This was a major overhaul of my module. It is not heavily tested. Let me know if you see problems.

    Last edit: Dave Lotton 2014-03-02
  • Dave Lotton

    Dave Lotton - 2014-03-02

    The new 20140301 file upload to SourceForge seems to be in a perpetual 'Pending' state. Use the pypi link above to grab the tar.gz file if you need it until SF gets things worked out.


    Last edit: Dave Lotton 2014-03-02

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