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Gcontact / News: Recent posts

GContact 2

Please note that a rewrite version of GContact is available based on HTML5, JavaScript, CouchDb to store data, REST and a little of PHP as "glue" between JavaScript and database (wich may be converted to nodejs later).
The project is stable ; you can import your data from previous/current version.

No release for now but source code for that version is published on the git repository of the project (the SVN repo contains the source code for legacy releases).

Posted by Grégory Paul 2011-01-06

GContact 2

I began to write a second and brand new version of GContact.
That new version is heavily based on HTML5, JavaScript, CouchDb to store data, REST and a little of PHP as "glue" between JavaScript and database.
The project is in early phase (for now, only the authentication page has been written). So, GContact "version 1" will still be the "stable" release for, at least, several months.... read more

Posted by Grégory Paul 2010-02-18

CVS migrated to SVN

I've opened a SVN repository for GContact and I've migrated all CVS files (by check in, so CVS history is not available on SVN repo).

So SVN is the main SCM and CVS is now deprecated.

You should use SVN to get the source code and commit.
CVS should only be used to view files history (I think I'll remove it soon).


Posted by Grégory Paul 2009-09-06

GContact: Version 0.6.9 is out !

GContact is a Web based address book in Ajax/PHP : multi-user, multi-contacts (email,phone,icq,msn,...) & multi-address for each person, birthday reminder by email, mailing-list management, Excel export, ...

That version includes an italian translation from Raffaele Paparella. Thanks again Raffaele !

Posted by Grégory Paul 2009-02-24

Version 0.6.8 is out !

That version add translation in english and french for notifications emails and fix some bugs when used with multiple users.

Posted by Grégory Paul 2007-11-17

New version 0.6.7 !

GContact is now translated in Czech !
Thanks to Martin Drábek !

Posted by Grégory Paul 2006-12-30

Security fixes on release 0.6.6

Release 0.6.6 is out and fix some XSS vulnerabilities.

Posted by Grégory Paul 2006-10-24

Version 0.6.5 is online !

This version includes a Polish translation from Krzysztof Labocha.

Posted by Grégory Paul 2006-09-16

Version 0.6.4 released !

This version add a mailing-list delete action and a "clear screen" link.
Also, a Perl script allows you to import contacts from a VCF file into GContact (thanks to Robin Clarke).

Posted by Grégory Paul 2006-07-29

Version 0.6.3 released !

This version add a german translation of the interface and fix a bug in admin authentification.

Posted by Grégory Paul 2006-06-10

Version 0.6.2 released !

This version include an admin directory wich contains the user creation page and a stats page (users, language used, last mail sent, persons number, groups and mailing-list numbers).
This directory is also protected by a password.

Posted by Grégory Paul 2006-04-07

Version 0.6.1 released !

The search engine looks now into persons, addresses, contacts and notes and operators (like +, -, *) can now be used to precise research.
The login page has also been improved.

Posted by Grégory Paul 2006-04-01

Version 0.5.3 online and GContact presentation

The version 0.5.3 is online, fixing some bugs and a
demo is available to see how GContact works : http://gcontact.sourceforge.net/demos/demo.htm

Posted by Grégory Paul 2006-03-11

version 0.5.0 : English and spanish translations

this versions include internationalization support.
The user interface has been translated in english and spanish. German and portuguese translations will come soon.

Posted by Grégory Paul 2006-02-11

version 0.4.1 : Excel export

The Excel export function allows you to get an XLS file with all yours persons, contacts and addresses.
The version 0.5.0 will be the next version with an internationalization support (french, english, spanish and german).

Posted by Grégory Paul 2006-01-28

version 0.4.0 : Manage your mailing-list and print birthdays

The version 0.4.0 allows you to create some mailing-lists (friends, family, work, etc) to send an email to multiple persons in 1 click.
In this version, you can also show all person's birthdays in one screen and print it.
At last but not least, tool tips is also a new feature wich show you tips about how to better use GContact.

Posted by Grégory Paul 2006-01-21

version 0.3.0 : Bug fix on Firefox and dynamic lists

- A major bug was fixed for Firefox (problem with XmlHttpRequest)
- In order to unify data, dynamic lists have been added for contact type and address title (like google suggest)

Posted by Grégory Paul 2006-01-18

Interface enhancement

Multiple 'update' buttons have been modified into only one button to improve ergonomy.

Posted by Grégory Paul 2006-01-08

Birthday notification

The new release (0-2-0) send you an email before the next birthday from persons of you address book !
The number of incoming emails (5 days, 2 days, 1 day before or the day of the birthday) can be chosen by each user.

Posted by Grégory Paul 2006-01-07

Beta version released

The first version of GContact is released !
This version can be used to manage an address book and to store informations (adresses, email, phone, url, msn, etc, etc) for each person.
It uses Ajax for research and actions (creation/update/delete) on address book.

Posted by Grégory Paul 2005-12-31