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GCompris 13.11 is released

It includes a new activity in the reading section that presents a set of images, texts and voices to children and an exercise around them.

We have about 1000 images and voices in English, Spanish, French, and Gaelic-Scottish. The content comes from the Art4Apps project ( ), a big thanks to them for providing a such useful resource (under CC BY-SA). If you want to thanks Art4Apps for their hard work please consider making a donation on their site.... read more

Posted by Bruno Coudoin 2013-11-05

GCompris for Windows Seven

Sadly, GCompris was not working at all on Windows Seven. I just made a new binary version that fixes the problem. It is named gcompris-11.12-2.exe.

Posted by Bruno Coudoin 2011-12-27

Release 11.12

A minor release of GCompris named 11.12. A Chrismas gift especialy for packagers since this version fixes a lot of compilation issues on recent distributions.

Get the full release notes there:

Posted by Bruno Coudoin 2011-12-20 Labels: Release

Release 11.09

A set of activities to discover the Braille system. They have been made by Srishti Sethi this summer (part of the Gnome Summer of Code):

Posted by Bruno Coudoin 2011-11-16

Release 8.3.3

  • GCompris was asserting when you click on the target image in missingletter activity.
  • GCompris was unstable in Spanish and in any locale where we don't have spoken congratulation (bug#463961).
  • Even if we have them, audio congratulation were not played on Windows.
Posted by Bruno Coudoin 2007-08-16

Announce gcompris 1.0.0Pre4

Gcompris is an educational application for GNU/Linux.
We are getting close of a 1.0 Release but needs some
more people to test it extensively, please join us.

Posted by Bruno Coudoin 2002-02-28

Release of version 0.6.2

GCompris is an educational application dedicated to young children from 3 to 10.
Since version 0.6.1, GCompris is now an Official GNU Package.

Posted by Bruno Coudoin 2001-06-28

Release 0.4.1

Gcompris is a simple educational/recreational games based on board.
This new release add two new boards. One is a puzzle game with old painting (Impresionists).
The second let the child drive a plane and catch the clouds in the correct order.

Posted by Bruno Coudoin 2001-02-19

GCompris release 0.3.3

This version corrects a lot of bugs of the 0.3.2.
It also include a new board to teach to read the time on an analog clock.
I am stopping adding new board to GCompris. Instead I will
focus on making it more modular by using Gnome bonobo.
The goal is to have a framework that can plug and interact
with boards dynamically (at run time).

Posted by Bruno Coudoin 2000-10-26