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First Release

First release is out. gComandos 0.1 is finished. Now we are on futures, we will be releasing in two and half months.

Posted by Luciano 2007-02-22

Preparing the first release **Mangosta**

First realease is almost prepared. Bug fixing is needed, after two weeks of use, we will be releasing the first version 0.1.0 called **Mangosta**

Posted by Luciano 2007-01-30

Delete/Move/Copy files finish

The three default opearations are already supported. Some minor bug fix are needed, but they are ready to use.

Posted by Luciano 2007-01-30

Device mount/unmount/go-to supported

The device mount-unmount system is supported. It has some bugs, that come with GnomeVfs native library and other reported to GtkSharp, but almost everything is working. For the next release, a format action is required.

Posted by Luciano 2007-01-23

File Find supported!!!

File find is already supported by gComandos. You can find files by patterns and in some particular directory. After the result you can View/Edit/Select.

Posted by Luciano 2007-01-19

History Navigation

The history navigation toolbar buttons are already supported by gComandos. This are the buttons to *go back* and *go-forward* from the toolbar and the *go-home* button.
In the future it will be useful to add some sort of list of the path to go-back, but at this point it is not a main task.

Posted by Luciano 2007-01-15

Execute file complete

The execution of a file is already complete, you can execute file (Return), execute file with parameter (Shift + Return) and execute file with parameter and return value (Ctrl + Return).

Posted by Luciano 2007-01-05

Rename File Complete

The rename file dialog is almost finished, in order to make the program suitable to use, the next task is to execute files (when they are marked as executable) or open with associated program when they are not marked as executable.

Posted by Luciano 2007-01-03

The project goes fast!!!

Yesterday i finish the *Execute Custom Action* task. It is possible to execute external applications under gComandos.
Also i did some layout improvement, like file status bar, file size number format, etc.
In the next couple of days i will finish the basic main windows operations, and in the next week, it will be made the advanced task: copy, move, etc.

Posted by Luciano 2006-12-28

Permission Get/Set Finish

The permission Get/Set dialog is almost finish. It only remains to set the owner of a file.

Posted by Luciano 2006-12-27

File Select/Undo Select Files and Folders Finish

The *select/undo* dialog (Select files and folders), work pretty good. It has some bugs. In the next couple of days i will be changing System.IO for Mono.Unix and Mono.Unix.Native. The rest of the days (before christmas) i will fix some bugs.

Posted by Luciano 2006-12-21

First I/O Operations!!!

The first two IO operations are made. Create a File (empty) and Create a Directory. The next task is to make *select/undo* files in both panels with Wildcards.

Posted by Luciano 2006-12-18

Name Changed

Like someone told me in the project forum, Already there is a project called gnome-commander, so, the name was changed to gComandos (gCommander in spanish). The main goal still is the same, to produce an **alternative** File System manager for the gnome desktop. Written with C# in mono and 100% Managed code. The goal is to provide this tool written in C# and to test MonoDevelop Environment and Mono and mcs itself. Who want to learn about this Environment is encouraged to join our project.

Posted by Luciano 2006-12-14

First Code!!!

Hi!!! The first code is released, it is very primitive, but, it is the first code. The directory tree navigation is under heavy deployment, in a couple of days i will finish it.

Posted by Luciano 2006-12-07

Start the project

The project is started. I'm writting the first Gtk Windows and the basic *Directory and Files* loads.
The main goal of the first stage is to move around directorys, retrieve system dirs, files, devices, and the icons. After that, all the functions will be add.

Posted by Luciano 2006-12-06

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