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gchch-1.9.0 released

This is a full port of the game to Gnome 2.0, along with numerous bug fixes and enhancements. It's a prelease before the actualy 2.0.0 release. Gnome Chinese Checkers is an networked implementation of the Chinese Checkers board game, supporting upto 6 players. The game includes added goodies like an integrated chat window, player rotation, etc. This has been updated for Gnome 2.0.

Posted by Loban A. Rahman 2003-03-04

GnomeMM rpms available

gchch-1.9.0 and above need the gnomemm libraries (C++ wrappers for gnome). However, these libraries for gnome-2.0 aren't in wide circulation yet, especially the binaries. So I have consolidated them <a href="">here</a>

Posted by Loban A. Rahman 2003-03-04

Please submit bugs!

I've noticed quite a number of people have downloaded this game, but I have yet to receive a single bug report. I refuse to believe that no one has found any. (I have!) Please submit bugs, either by email, or using the sourceforge bug page. Thanks!

Posted by Loban A. Rahman 2001-08-08

gchch-1.2.0 released

This release finally puts Gnome Chinese Checkers out of "Beta" and into "Stable". This release requires an up-to-date version of Gnome 1.2 installed, or better. The next stable release of Gchch (1.4.0) will depend on some libraries only available in Gnome 1.4.

Posted by Loban A. Rahman 2001-07-30

gchch-1.2.0pre2 released

Grab a copy right away. If I get no/few bug reports, I'll release a final version.

Posted by Loban A. Rahman 2001-04-11

CVS Tree Uploaded

The CVS tree for Gchch is now online and ready for use.

Posted by Loban A. Rahman 2001-02-12

CVS/Shell Problems Fixed

I just realized that cvs and shell access has been fixed and is now working. I'll be uploading everything within the next couple of days.

Posted by Loban A. Rahman 2001-02-11

CVS/Shell Problems

I'm having problems gaining cvs and shelll access to sourceforge. Hence things are not up yet. Bummer.

Posted by Loban A. Rahman 2001-02-01

SourceForge Project Opened

I have just completed opening a SourceForge Project for Gchch. It will be a few more days before I finish transferring everything from my local machine to SourceForge. Gchch is not new, it's already at version 1.2.0-pre1. I just never opened it up for public development until now.

Posted by Loban A. Rahman 2001-02-01

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