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  • Jazz Fusion

    Jazz Fusion - 2005-09-06

    I was thinking about it today and I wonder if it would be possible to have a separate forum so that Non Developers could give suggestions to werocia. We need many more people getting involved and I think one reason holding the GCCG Community back from participating is the fact that the forum requires registration to post and registration is tedious and completley useless if you arent a regular at sourceforge. Could we create a forum like this  or at least modify this current forum to allow anonymous posting?

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-09-08

      I don't know too much about it, but I don't think SF forums are that flexible. In any case, SF in general is meant for developers/contributors only, right ? I'd need to check.

      Another, easier to access forum would be nice. We shouldn't separate ourself from player community, naturally. But take a look at this forum:

      Lost Labyrinth is a really nice graphical roguelike game, and it has already established significant player community. They have 2 forums: the simple one, where registration is not required, and advanced phpbb. The phpbb one is not used, because people don't like being bothered by registration.

      So I vote for some simple forum like that one. No accounts is no drawback at all, actually, until idiots and spammers start showing up. Lost Labyrinth is far, far more popular (has online highscore list, new versions keep coming, most of them with new features), and no idiots/spammers so far.
      We can always set up something heavier if idiots start becoming a problem. But we have lots of time until that moment.

      To clarify: I'm still with Werocia, and even if not posting I think about it and evaluate various design approaches. I have 2 simple (read: ugly) board images ready for submit - hexagonal and square. But the only way I can copy stuff here from my own machine is by coming with hdd. I need to install that rack finally, because tinkering inside the box already made me mad. And the motherboard is in way... I'd have to take out CD, I think. Or leave the rack partially inside, and let the dust come.

    • Anonymous - 2005-09-12

      Okay here's the deal. I already uploaded PhpBB2 and I can administer isn't really there yet.

      The only thing that needs to happen is that I need Wigy (you all know who he is I hope) to open up a Database on SF, which is possible and allowed. I have already checked to make sure such a thing was possible and also checked to make sure SF allowed it.

      I can make the BB any way we want; for instance allowing anonymous posting is a must, I feel.

      That's all there is to it.

      I'm going to e-mail wigy about it now.


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