Intro is back and Card Face idea

  • Anonymous - 2005-09-12

    Well the "What is Werocia?" business is back. I guess you can read it and comment or criticize or bash.

    Another thing. I think what we will likely end up doing is something like this: We separate artwork from rules and text and artwork is optional.

    This is already how GCCG works, mostly, but I want to take it even further. I think the artwork on the card should take up the ENTIRE card, and all text be left on the text portions of the GCCG module.

    I've already made my request to wigy about the Phpbb (I know it's complicated to do PhpBB, but I think it's the easiest, most familiar and convenient way to do it), and along with that will ask if ToolTip text or something more convenient than Ctrl-H would be possible. I await his respose.

    Now even if Ctrl-H is the way to go, with the way we update our game, most likely, the card picture would be centuries behind the card texts themselves...and will create a much easier time for things like downloading those HUGE image packages EVERY time we update the cards/rules.

    So basically the card will contain:
    Color/Faction (the text will state the color also, though)
    Flavor Text (if that is happening)
    Other misc things that aren't rules/gameplay related.

    • Anonymous - 2005-09-12

      Sort of like the Unglued and Unhinged Lands basically.

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-09-13

      First, I hope normloman won't get angry. He'd have to redo all card graphics. I wouldn't like it if I was him.

      Second, I think there isn't really need for that. I really like the way they did it in old Shandalar game (by Microprose). All cards in play are displayed as images only, with some basic stats like 2/2, an icon for first strike, trample etc. If you hover your mouse over a card, you see full card with text area and everything.
      This would essentially achieve what you'd like to have, I think. Besides, we're pretty much forced to do this anyway, because we can't fit cards into tiles otherwise. You'll understand once you see some basic boards I made. SOrry for that, but I have some problems at university. If they won't let me to write the math exam again, I'm finished and I'll lose my work too.
      But I'll try to upload the images today (late in the evening)

      I hope this screenshot will explain what words cannot:

      We'd change proportions, of course. And we can use better resolutions today.
      About card description: you're right that there's no reason at all to dsiplay description all the time. If I want to read a card, I have to zoom anyway.

      Furthermore, I think it's a good idea to contain at least part of Werocia rules in gccg program. You could type, for example,
      /whelp first strike
      /whelp activated abilities
      /whelp phases

      ...and get at least some basic info on them. There's enough confusion on mtg server, this would help a lot.

      • Anonymous - 2005-09-14

        I'm just saying that we don't need the card image to display text.

        One major thing going for this is the fact that since we plan to update often compared to DCI at Wizards or whatever, we might not want the poor users to download new images if there aren't new cards.

        "All cards in play are displayed as images only, with some basic stats like 2/2, an icon for first strike, trample etc. If you hover your mouse over a card, you see full card with text area and everything."

        Actually what you said is mostly what I had in mind, with basic stats and stuff displayed, except the text and stuff is in the text files rather than displayed on the image. GCCG can allow us to render cards with text only, so we might as well keep it separate from images.

        As for redoing card designs, that's not too hard, I hope. I can always do it myself, since I can use the GIMP and stuff.

        • Anonymous - 2005-09-14

          This will really depend on what GCCG2 implements for text rendering, though.

          Let's worry about it when we find out what GCCG2 is like, or more of what it's like.

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-09-13

      One more thing...

      If we use phpbb, we shouldn't require users to register, at least until spam becomes a problem. By forcing registration we discourage comments from people who are "passing nearby". And people who didn't like Werocia for some reason. They wouldn't otherwise post. We need all the support we can get.

      • Anonymous - 2005-09-14

        Yep, I've got that.

    • Jazz Fusion

      Jazz Fusion - 2005-09-17

      Im depressed. All my card graphics will become worthless.

      If you guys decide not to use them,I'll probably let someone else use them. Is that OK?

      • Anonymous - 2005-09-18

        Ah, no no no, don't think that!!! Just I think we can cut out the TEXT on the cards - simply shrink the text portions so that the creature stats can still fit but rules text go else where. THa tway more room is ther efor art and other sutff.

        • Jazz Fusion

          Jazz Fusion - 2005-10-01

          Oh I misunderstood.

          So let me get this straight: The Picture would be bigger, but the title, mana symbols, stats, ect would all be in tact.

          If thats the case then that sounds like a great idea. Lets not be a fraid to experiment! We can be pioneers of online CCGs.

          One question: the text box would no longer contain lengthy card text. Would it contain something else, like level stats? I have a feeling some cards wouldn't look as good without their boxes. Even if the boxes are small and only contain one stat, I feel we should keep something there to contain information.

          • Anonymous - 2005-10-14

            That depends on whether we decide to change any creature stats once they're set.

            Remember the whole idea is to make the card more arty than textual, and an added bonus is that we will not have to update the images, which is a big download, once they're released if we change the text, and instead just change the text files.

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-10-08

      There's just one problem. You can't fit rectangular cards onto square/hexagonal tiles easily. Otherwise I would support this concept without hesitation. If rectangular cards are going to be fit into square/hex tiles, they will have to be scaled down anyway. More space will be wasted than with square pictures.

      Look at ugly test boards and try to imagine rectangular cards there:

    • Jazz Fusion

      Jazz Fusion - 2005-10-10

      I agree. Rectangular cards might not work on a hex board. Then again, I am opposed to the creation of hexagonal cards. The shape of them is just to awkward to make anything good with. Besides, if one created a hexagonal card, it would appear less of a car and more of a game peice or a Pog, which is certainly not the image we want to portray.

      BTW I understand a lot of you guys are from Europe and I'm not sure that you will understand what a pog is. It's a Toy from Hawaii supposedly, and it's very kitschy.

      Despite all of that, I wanted to announce that a picture card has been created.

      Mabey this will encourage some thought about the shape of cards.

      Please check out the new design and tell me what you think!

      • Anonymous - 2005-10-14

        Hehe okay well since I live in the EST zone I'm obviously in America.

        Link doesn't work???

        • Anonymous - 2005-10-14

          Maaaaaybe not "obviously" since Canada is possible but that's not important. I remember pogs from when I elementary school...which was...a looooong time ago...

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-10-11

      What I meant is that _square_ card images fit better onto hex board. Traditional, mtg-like cards are rectangular but have more less square images.

      Entire cards could be displayed where location doesn't matter (global enchantments/artifacts, graveyard etc). On the board, it could be just square images without text box.
      Little time, I have to hurry !!#@

      On a second thought, image on the "fullsize picture" card you made isn't far from square-shaped. It shouldn't  be too much distorted when scaled down to square shape. Perhaps it's smaller problem than I thought.

    • Jazz Fusion

      Jazz Fusion - 2005-10-24

      The link worked for me. Hmm... mabey it was temporary server problems


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