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  • Jazz Fusion

    Jazz Fusion - 2005-11-03

    It seems progress has slowed down a bit now that we are all pretty busy with other things.

    Lets assess what we still need to do, and see where this is going so far.

    We need to :
    Clarify the rules
    Design Cards
    Create Card Text
    Get art for the cards
    Program the cards into the GCCG engine

    If you can think of anything else, put it here!

    BTW If anyone has AOL instant messenger, please add me to your list. My name is " Adwanoc " . If i am online, please remind me to design more card layouts. :-)


    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-11-05

      I'm not dead yet.
      I simply have little free time. We started assembly lessons.

      Programming processes/threads in C isn't very easy for a novice C programmer like myself.

      I struggle hard to enable networking on my own machine. I tried different configurations, and nothing worked so far. Seems like I really have to go and see the admin.

      I think "more cards" is what we need the most now. At least that's what I'd prefer to focus on. But it gets boring after a while if you're the only one who contributes new cards.

      I could possibly code Werocia into gccg, but only if it becomes clear I'm the most skilled programmer among us. So, are you any good at programming ?
      Wigy can program well, no doubt, but he's got little time and I suppose we can't count on him to do that. He's doing about 3, if not more, projects in his spare time.
      Initially Werocia was sheduled for gccg2.
      I'm novice C coder, moderate at bash and awk (these 2 are fairly easy languages). I know my way with grep, find, and similar tools. I could learn a bit of Python, too. Does anyone know what does gccg use for game definitions?

      Please, please post some more cards. I'll see what I can do myself. I think more cards is the most important part right now. Once we get more cards, it's easier to spot inconsistencies in rules and remedy them.
      It also becomes clear which card images we need to create (doh)
      Same goes for text.

      HINT: if we're going to keep lands as mana sources (instead of, say, crystals, portals, whatever), it could be a good idea to make some photos using a digital camera. Then we'd be able apply some fancy filters/stylisation to remove the photorealistic feel. In worst case, it's a good start to get something done.

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-11-05

      Two more things.

      1. I reactivated my Skype account. It's "czlowiekwiadro" and I'm online as often as I can. Keep in mind that I prefer typing that using microphone, because my pronounciation (and internet connection) leaves something to be desired But Skype can do both.

      2. Second thing was rather important, but I forgot what it was.

    • uresti

      uresti - 2005-12-16

      Hello there ppl! i can spre some time (not programing) can i help??

      • Anonymous - 2005-12-16

        Of course. We would love the help, and now that I'm actually not as busy now, because of holidays around the corner, I think I can actually remember doing this once upon a time...

        Anyway, yes, I know who you are (sort of) and no we don't worry about programming really because we need a game first and yes the game rules are being rewritten so now that I have been reminded and am less busy I will spend a lot more time doing the rules now.

    • uresti

      uresti - 2005-12-20

      Great! ok im at your disposal and waiting for instructions or a little chat :)

    • Anonymous - 2005-12-30

      What REALLY needs happening: Rules.

      Everthing else follows rather easily.

      Here's what should be resolved right now. How are terrain tiles laid out?

      The idea was that each player's creature "explores" the land and lays down a tile in the direction they travel or something like that. We could have land-"revealing" spells that let you lay faraway terrain. (This could be a neat strategy to hole up an opponent's forces.)

      But I think for that to work there would have to be a very clever way of ensuring that terrain could link to other terrain properly, like no trees in the middle of a river or as a crude example.

      What are your thoughts on terrain tiles?

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-12-30

      My thought on terrain generation is that I'd rather test something else first. Map generation is not critical to functioning of gccg - but we need to clarify other things that will happen no matter which way of map generation is ultimately chosen.
      There will be a board to play on, and that's what matters in the end.

      What needs clarification for sure:
      - creatures level up or not ? If they do, how much, when does it occur, how much do they gain with levels, AND HOW MUCH WILL IT AFFECT TYPICAL GAME.
      - Multiple libraries/SPell levels: are the two separate ? Should we include one of them, both, or none ? And why ? HOW WILL IT AFFECT TYPICAL GAME ?
      - Buildings: why bother ? What would they do ? Ok, so I can fill it with creatures. What's the benefit ? Is
      - Color pie. In my opinion, this is possibly the hardest part to clarify. Certain effects and abilities are common in certain magic schools, but rare or nonexistant in others. If we don't create some sort of design rules, we'll get lots of cards like Prodigal Sorcerer, Stinging Barrier, Stormseeker, Unyaro Bee Sting, Birds of Paradise(think about it: green 0/1 flyer !).... and colors lose their individuality.

    • uresti

      uresti - 2006-01-06

      About buildings: we need to make werocia diferent from the mtg dont u thing? buildings can be another feature that MTG dont have, they can be Shrines, Temples, etc to permit the extend of some auras/magic or upgrade to creatures.
      Happy new year all!

    • Gustavo Hexsel

      Gustavo Hexsel - 2006-01-08

        I know this is far far-fetched, but a pretty neat idea on the grounds of having a board would be to have 2 sets of cards, one just with terrains and one with everything else.

        Terrains would be hexagonal cards which are needed to obtain resources, and put buildings or creatures on.  Terrains would be:
      - stackable (which would "override them until the top is destroyed")
      - belong and be usable by the player that put it in place unless another player has a creature on it (players would have a place which is their "country" where they can put terrains)
      - between player's "countries" there would be a gray area that is used to join the countries, which belongs to noone and everyone (players can't extract or build on them unless they have creatures).  The gray area is key to the game because players can't attack unless they move their creatures through it (or cast spells).
      - most buildings can only be used on the players country

        There are many ideas that could evolve in that framework.  There must be a layout on the background indicating which tiles are gray area and each country, also limiting the space each player can use.  A suggestion would be a 7 piece hexagon for each country (a centre hexagon and 6 around it) and a double layered hexagon (2 concentric hexagon layers) for gray area, so players don't need to travel enourmous distances with creatures to win the game.  Creatures would travel 1-3 hexagons each turn.  Like in most strategy games, there should be attack zones that stop units around creatures so enemies don't just run around...

        I don't think that GCCG or GCCG2 would support it, but it's worth dreaming or planing :)

        []s Gus

    • Zegota

      Zegota - 2006-03-05


      Downloaded GCCG a few days ago to play Mtg but I'm pretty interested in this aswell.
      I was slightly involved in a different CCG some guy was making a few years back but it went dead all of the sudden.
      This one looks to have more potential.

      So if y'all don't mind I'm gonna put on my creative hat and try and brew up some card-ideas and stuff.
      I haven't found a roundup of the rules yet though, anyone who can point me in the right direction.
      Also, is there a place where I can see all the cards created so far?

      I might try some artwork too but I'm no expert when it comes to that, it's just an itch so far.

      anyways, anyone who wants can add me on msn (



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