Do you need Graphics? I Offer to help.

  • Jazz Fusion

    Jazz Fusion - 2005-06-05

    Hi. kind of new to Gccg, but I really want to help out with Werocia. I thought I could mabey make some card graphics. Im not talking about the art. Im taking about making the card boarders, symbols, back, ect. I Looked at the "Sample Card" on the webpage and found it to be a bit plain, so if you'd like I could try making some new card layouts.

    If you want my help, I plan to make them in photoshop, then create a template in some program like "CCG Maker" ( ) so that everyone can Load their own card art and type up the nescessary information without needing experience in creating card graphics.

    If you want a sample of my work, Check out this site:

    If you look at the site you will bind sample card art and a background I designed. I made these graphics for an old card game me and a friend designed for a school project. Keep in mind that these cards were made a few years ago. Im sure whatever I make today could be even better now that I have more experience in creating digital graphics.

    Tell me what you think. Do you want my help? You can contact me by replying to this post (preferred) , via email (, or on Gccg. My username is "Jazzfusion". If you want me to make some sample designs for werocia, give me an Idea of what you want the cards to look like and how many different colors and schemes you would like them in. I you provide me with some sort of logo, I could even make a card back too. Ill post everything here so everyone can see them.

    Thanks for your time.

    Norm Loman

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-06-07

      I'd say your help is very welcome, but Avery Yen, Werocia's team leader seems to be missing. I haven't seen him post in few weeks.
      Hopefully he's just busy with his school/university and will be back soon.

    • Anonymous - 2005-06-07

      Sorry, I have been out. Finals in school are this week and the next so I'm crazy busy.

      Also I will be gone from June 24 until July 29 for a summer program.

      Sorry this is so sporadic but obviously this is not a job. part time or full time, more like a spare time project.

      Thanks so much for offering to help, I will need it. I have no idea what a logo would look like but it would have to have something to do with crystals in some way.

      I think if you look there is discussion on the Werocias colors/flavors. You can look there for inspiration.

    • Eric David

      Eric David - 2005-06-09

      Hey, i like your cards.

      Since there will be a huge demand in card design, I think it wouldn't be useless to begin drawing cards for now.

      I suggest that you keep the layer card you used in your webpage (without any rule text) and try and draw whatever you want. Then you put your collection on a special webpage, and later, people then decide what to do with these drawings !

    • Jazz Fusion

      Jazz Fusion - 2005-06-16

      In response to Eric's Comment:
      The website thing is a great Idea, and I'm planning on doing just that. In fact, I already have a few "Ideas" for Card Layouts and when I make one or two more I'll make a small website where people can vote for which card layouts they like the best, and what the should be used for.

      One thing I would like to ask you all though is about the colors. Ive been keeping a close eye on the "Factions" Thread and it looks like everyone is leaning in the direction of having 5 factions represented by some sort of elements. What colors should represent what element?

      My first thought was to have colors be the simple Red, Blue, White, Black,  and Green like Magic, but not so sure now. You guys definatley don't want people thinking the game is a mere clone of magic, do you? Or mabey you do?

      Anyways I don't know if this is the right thread to discuss it in, so I posted the same idea in the factions forum. My next question to you guys is, Would you rather have the cards oriented landscape or portrait? Personally i'd say portrait is more familiar, but I've seen other CCGs have their cards go sideways and do fine. Does anyone have any thoughts?

      Thank you all and I'll make a preview of certain card layouts very soon so you can all decide what to do with them!

      Jazz Fusion

    • Jazz Fusion

      Jazz Fusion - 2005-06-17

      Check out these 4. Read the messages I wrote.

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-06-17

      I like two first cards the most. They are kinda opposite to each other. I don't know what you mean with the parchment not looking good enough. What concerns me is that card borders could differ a bit more from each other. The grey card is ok and doesn't really need changes, I would associate it with some order-loving faction/color, or artifacts.

      Especially the parchments are in contrast between two first cards, I like that.
      About "fire" card: The scroll is ok, but something could be done about border. It doesn't look ugly, I just think that following would fit better:
      Try to make card border charred/scorched/damaged by acid/irregular/you get the idea. It looks a bit too polished for a destructive magic, I think, and a bit in contrast with scroll. Some clever emboss/bump map should do the trick.
      Now you made me think about trying my own skills. Especially that I have more time now. It may be easier to develop unique card layouts if we have more people making them.
      IMPORTANT: I think that you should stick to more-less same dimensions for each Werocia card, or at least same dimensions for each card type or color. I mean, image should always be THIS big and be positioned exactly THERE, likewise plaques/card stats/numbers etc.
      This way card looks can be customizable. Improved/polished card version could be added later, and this can be 100% client side !
      I picture it like this:
      Each card is displayed (ingame) as combination of 3  things:
      - base card/background
      - picture
      - the text formatted and displayed on top of all this.
      As long as dimensions for each card is uniform, we can safely change each of 3 components ! Werocia is a digital card game. Cards are more likely to be changed than banned. Or tweaked until they become useful enough.

    • Jazz Fusion

      Jazz Fusion - 2005-06-17

      That last comment about the fire and the acid border actually gives me a few ideas.

      Keep posting comments everyone! I think im on the verge of creating some great designs.

      I also encourage everyone who can to see if you all can come up with your own designs as well.

    • Eric David

      Eric David - 2005-06-20

      fire : i would prefer a red background (not purple), a a more fantastic font

      stone/metal : my favourite too.

      earth : dislike that green. crystals look like flames, why not resizing them vertically by 50% ?

      alternate : why not... but vertical texts are hard to read. The background is nice.  Fonts need changing.

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-06-21

      IMPORTANT: about card pictures and artists:

      Artist should be specified on each card, because of simple psychological reasons. We want to encourage artists contributing to Werocia. For artists seeking employment, recognition is almost money.

      We can't really afford to offer them money, so we need to make sure they'll be recognized.
      Now, let's remember Werocia is GPL'ed game. We can't afford to have separate licenses for pictures and separate for rest of game, I think. I think pictures need to be GPL'ed, too.

      GPL'ed pictures could be later enhanced by someone, for example some subtle effects/edit or sth. In such case, credit still goes to original artist, but it's written with asterisk at the end. Like this:
      Johny Average         (artist)
      Johny Average*        (artist, * is there to indicate that it has been later edited by someone).

    • Jazz Fusion

      Jazz Fusion - 2005-06-26

      In Response to everyones questions:

      1. There will Definatley be some way to recognize the artist. Im already laying that out.
      2.I am moving away from verticle text. It is difficult to read.
      3. I found some new fonts I want to try.
      4. The next batch of prototypes are coming soon.

    • Jazz Fusion

      Jazz Fusion - 2005-06-27

      Great news!
      New prototype cards are here. check these out.

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-06-30

      Nice work.

      1. Basic layout is very nice.

      2. I think it's wrong to think that each color should represent something and not something else. Flexible mind is not a bad thing.

      3. I agree with you that the green card could receive some more love. Possible materials: "sculptured" wood, vines, leaves... Deffinitely too bright and contrast could be better.

      4. I'm a bit disappointed by "text area" of orange card.(it could work very well fro grey card - you may want to try it) I really liked that burned paper, it has certain reckless feeling about it. It's not a bad card at all, the border is nice and so on...
      Then I looked at "spirit" card and realised why you dropped burned paper idea. It would look too similar to spirit. Spirit paper is meant to look aged, but I have something else in my mind....
      a) text area from orange card possibly used for grey card. It may fit better to its stony/rough/something border than current smooth paper.
      b) That smooth paper could be good for some kind of white magic or "rainbows&unicorns" kind of thing. Not that it's ugly, I think it doesn't entirely fit.
      c1) spirit card: i actually like the border. It's a lot diffrent from others, and that's what I like about your cards: each border is unique. However, I'm not sure about shadow being cast on space, it's a bit illogical. I'd say forget the shadow, and make that metal plaques engulfed in some subtle, whirly energy... mostly borders of plaques, instead of shadow.
      c2) If you give orange card burned paper, I have a replacement idea for spirit parchment. A bit less aged, a bit more smooth, but covered with subtle, bleak arcane/alchemistic symbols. Something like insde of a spellbook. Or just insert some high math equations :-).

      But these are all minor things. My major concern is green card. All others are very nice, in my opinion better than mtg.

      The grey card can be colorless, can be quivalent of white, and/or can be some warrior-like faction (it has rough/hard air about it). It can be earth element, too.

      If Werocia uses 4elements + Spirit + colorless system, well... we'd have Spirit, Fire, Earth/Colorless(grey), Earth(green card). So 2  would be missing.

      Crystals... let's say they're fine for now. Later, once we are SURE what factions are going to exist, you could make something more specific (I mean something like mana symbols). Just don't waste your efforts now, because we don't know what exactly we need.

      Ah, last thing. About that "faction" symbol you used in previous batch. I think there's no need for faction symbol, because it's represented well enough by border and stuff. Buy the symbol can have other meaning. It would work well, I think, if it stood for card type (Instant, Sorcery, Creature, Artifact, Enchanment and possibly others). I ocassionaly confuse instants and sorceries, for instance. Not long ago I tried to play Pyroclasm in enemy turn... I think there may be more people confusing them.
      Additionaly, having card-type symbol in same place on each card would help a lot when building a deck. When I use gccg and build a deck, and have something in my mind (for example I need a cheap way to tap creatures), I tend to scroll fast and examine cards quickly. That's where card-type-symbol would be very useful. I look at a card and see "1: tap target creature". It seems to be some kind of permanent, but I need to look closer to check.
      Sometimes easy way of distinguishing instants and sorceries alone would be priceless.

      About card-type symbols themselves: I think they should be fairly big (but no bigger than that faction symbol) and stand out. Abstract is fine as long as they're pretty... that faction symbol is pretty enough.
      Until we know where are we going with factions, I'd like to suggest some minor works. Symbols.

      Tap symbol you made is good enough.

      If we keep creature levels idea (which is not that bad), we could really use Level symbol for use in card text. Possible uses: in cost of activated ability it would require creature to be of high enough level.
      In effect part, it would serve as a variable. For example some wizard can be tapped for L+1 damage to target creature.
      This means we may need two separate level symbols, because "cost level" could be L1, L2, L3.. (a creature needs to be level2 to use this ability)

      Another symbol I feel could be useful: "sorcery-like triggered ability". In mtg, all abilities can be played as instants unless specified otherwise. Bigger, slower abilities tend to require tapping. But there are ocassions where you'd want a triggered ability to be available only in main phase. That's where "sorcery-like ability" would be useful.
      It would be useful if we had enough cards using it, of course. But I'm suggesting this because in it's current stage MTG could benefit from it. Quite a lot permanents have "use this ability only in your turn". Or "before defense is declared". Using such symbol we'd have more room in text area. The symbol itself would be placed in cost part of activated ability, just like T symbol.

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-06-30

      Too bad there's no way to edit posts here.

      About tap symbol: it could be made better if one side of arrow was grey and the other white.

      Fonts used for numbers (mana) should be bold.

      Whatever fonts you use, make sure they scale well enough.New batch of cards seems to be wasting less space, though.

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-06-30

      On a third thought, grey card is just fine. The parchment may not fit 100%, but from color point of view it's nice. Grey card with orange's text area may look too monotonous.

    • Jazz Fusion

      Jazz Fusion - 2005-06-30

      Great News:

      Green card slightly improved. Still may need revision. Grey card also may need revision.

      A to do list has been posted so everyone can see what Im planning on adressing next.

      Check the website again and thanks for your comments b0rsuk

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-07-02

      My personal problem with cards you made is that Green can be only earth. And I'd love to see grey card as Earth, it's so pretty.

      But yes, Green is much better now.

      I think it's not a great idea to make all remaining cards not, unless you'd like some exercise. It's still not sure if we'll use elements+spirit, especially that project leader is absent and didn't comment on this.

    • Jazz Fusion

      Jazz Fusion - 2005-07-02

      Understood. I wonder where everyone went. Everyone involved with GCCG even if they arent helping with werocia, are welcome to comment on the cards.


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