Terrain Tiles

  • Anonymous - 2005-09-12

    One additional comment:

    Terrain cards. I think these will be interesting. SInce cards needn't have visible text, we can make them smaller (not miniscule, mind you), and so when we shrink them on the playing field, they should be able to fit on the Terrain Tiles.

    I think we should make the terrain a large, somewhat detailed image so that multiple features such as water and land can exist on one tile. That way, like in RTS games, when a creature "discovers" a piece of land, what reallly happens is that the player puts down a terrain tile of his choice.

    Now should we make the terrain tiles separate and a "deck" that you pick and choose out of, or one that you have to draw tiles? I think draw works more interestingly, but do we keep that hand separate? Or can we make people draw every time they put a tile down?

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-09-14


      They're the 2 latest pictures
      As you can see, I called them ugly, and I kept my word. They're meant for testing purposes only. Placeholders. Myself I prefer hex version for several reasons - no distance anomalies,  easier to divide into several equal pieces (multiplayer), blah blah.
      On a second thought, I could've improved contrast for hex board.

      As soon as we agree about board shape/size, I'll make some decent boards. And transparent "grid", so we can have board independant from grid - modular design is the Way.... unless it strains gccg graphical engine too much (no clue).
      Try to fit your cards onto these tiles. Do you honestly think we can have more than 1 creature on tile ? I don't - won't work visually unless we use very small tokens to represent them.

      Images are 1024x768. I use 1280x1024 on my own machine, and 800x600 here (yuck - old monitor, but gccg can be played in fullscreen)

      I hope this will inspire some discussion. As for terrain cards... well.. I'm afraid it may be abusable. Too easy to build a maze with water tiles etc. But that's what we have playtesting for.

    • Jazz Fusion

      Jazz Fusion - 2005-09-17

      I am in 100% support of terrain tiles because I think they will make each game different. If the board keps changing, then no 1 strategy will rule the board. This will also take a lot of pressure off of people who are needed to make predefined maps because the maps wont be so important after players are given the chance to seed their own with terrain tiles.

      As for the maze dillema:
      I don't think a board which resembles a kind of maze would be so bad as long as it wasn't a complete maze. Fighting in an open feild offers little for the strategically inclined. Fighting in a labrynth like setting or a more enclosed field gives you the option to hid behind walls of water, defend choke points, and gain controll of key areas.

      If the maze thing becomes a problem I suggest we create a random method of placing tiles on the board so that players dont deliberatley abuse the map. Somehow, tiles from both players could be placed in random spots. If both players agree on the map, then the battle begins. If the random patterns are so random that they become unplayable, both players can agree to "Reseed The Map".


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