Werocia glossary&terms

  • B0rsuk

    B0rsuk - 2005-05-25


    This topic is meant to gather all terms used in Werocia card game.
    Some of mtg terms need to be replaced because we may run into copyright problems otherwise.

    If you think some other terms could be useful, discuss.

    Some of my proposals:

    tap --> flip
    untap --> unflip
    artifact --> relic
    artifact creature --> construct

    Main phase --> cast phase
    Sorcery --> ritual          (these spells can be cast only during your cast phase, so I guess the name fits)

    Stack --> queue (why not just heap? - B0rsuk)

    • jii000

      jii000 - 2005-06-28

      Just the simple changing of names could really set werocia apart from other CCGs or at least make people think so. This is good.

      I dislike the name "Construct". I was thinking that In magic, artifact creatures tend to actually be artifacts, like golems and ornithopters. What if in Werocia instead of artifact creatures or "Constructs" as you put it,  we just had colorless creatures, or nonaligned creatures. Then they wouldn't all have to be mechanical. They could just be neutral to the factions, or mabey they fight for either side.

    • B0rsuk

      B0rsuk - 2005-06-30

      I've been thinking about dropping all this "artifact creature" business, and adding Outlaws/Heretics instead. Outlaws wouldn't be aligned with any color, and could serve as mercenaries.

      While it's appealing at first, some problems arise if you want to make cards that specifically target outlaws ("artifact creatures"). How to justify such cards ? There are ways to do that,  and I could develop a card for each faction, but it wouldn't run too far I'm afraid.

      White - Guard patrol (destroys outlaws)
      Black - Eradicate
      Red - Slave Hunters

      The concept is that because they're outlaws, no one realyl cares/defends them and factions/colors can use much more radical/rutless stuff to fight them (think about weapons of mass destrucion in modern world...)

    • uresti

      uresti - 2006-01-06

      green: Rangers?

    • Gustavo Hexsel

      Gustavo Hexsel - 2006-01-08

        Why not just Mercenaries?

        []s Gus


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