How to add a new set of cards?

  • Frizzler

    Frizzler - 2010-09-14


    how can I add a new set of cards to an existing game (Netrunner)? Is it only editing some text files and adding the images or is it necessary to change the code?

    thx in advance, Frizzler

  • Anonymous - 2010-09-17

    In /scripts , you will need to define a distribution in Nr-factory-server.include (and possibly a booster function), add a product line to Nr-meta-server.include (to make it so you can buy said booster), and a product image link in Nr.include.

    You will also need to add the card info xml (i.e. expansion.xml) into /gccg/xml/nr , and then link this as a cardset source in /gccg/xml/nr.xml


  • Anonymous - 2010-09-17

    P.S. You'll of course, have to add the images in the appropriate directory as well.

  • Anonymous - 2010-09-19

    Open War has been added to the svn. It's up to the server maintaner (wigy?) to update the server now.


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