please help me get GCCG working!

  • AidanMcDermott

    AidanMcDermott - 2010-12-20

    I first installed gccg on my desktop and I think I made a mess of it, it says that the password is invalid and it logs me off. Since then I've gotten a laptop and I re-installed it, but I created an account with the same username that I already had and couldn't get working and now it says it's invalid because the username is already taken. please help me, thanks.

  • lunat1que

    lunat1que - 2010-12-20

    did you register an e-mail for your account?
    if you did just contact the game admin and he will gladly send you the password file on your registered e-mail
    if not then just go to c:/.gccg and edit the file named username and create a new account

  • AidanMcDermott

    AidanMcDermott - 2010-12-20

    Hi, thanks for replying to me. I haven't registered my e-mail with anything. Do I just go to C:/.gccg and then to whatever games I've installed, and then change the name of the file "username" to my username "Aidan"? What do I have to create a new account for?  I can't really log out of my old account, whenever I open the game it says it can't connect because of my username and password.

  • lunat1que

    lunat1que - 2010-12-21

    the password file is saved localy and when gccg starts it looks in your c:/.gccg folder for your username if you change the name in the username file gccg will create a new password file for the new username
    this is how you "logout"


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