Grigori Fursin - 2008-11-23

Dear all,

This year we have been using GCC with ICI within several projects (including MILEPOST) and got different feedback so I managed to get an expert engineer at INRIA who will start working with me from the 1st of December to add the following new features to the ICI:

- port current ICI to GCC 4.4 (with GRAPHITE support)
- support IPA pass selection and reordering
- provide dependencies between passes
- provide global/fine-grain cost model tuning  (individual transformations)
- provide ability for code instrumentation  (adding external function calls, external libraries,  adding data arrays for split-compilation, etc)
- port to GCC4CIL
- change machine description through ICI

Our current plan is to release the new version at the beginning of 2009.

By the way, I would like to thank the following colleagues for interesting discussions and feedback: Michael O'Boyle, Francois Bodin, Tim Jones, Christophe Dubach, Edwin Bonilla, John Thomson,
Bjorn Franke and many others.

Grigori Fursin

Grigori Fursin, PhD
INRIA Saclay, France - tackling the complexity of
future computing systems using machine learning