New user of GCBasic - where is eracer.h or srf04.h or the "include" folder?

  • queuerious

    queuerious - 2014-07-24

    Hi all, just starting out with PIC programming and GCBasic seems ideal. So I went to this download page and installed the file, unzipped and started exploring.

    I quickly noticed in the _Demos folder that accompanies the installation, that example programs use the #include command with reference to items like eracer.h and srf04.h. It seems such files were part of an "Include" folder of additional files as part of earlier (?) installation packs from 2009 or so. But the current download link and files have none of it.

    So, if I want to learn GCBasic and make (re)use of the demo files, I need to get hold of an 'Include' folder with the additional stuff. Where is it? Is there some online drive that holds a copy of this missing content? Why does the current installation zip miss this content?


  • Frank Steinberg

    Frank Steinberg - 2014-07-25

    Hi Matt,

    the include folder is here:

    I noticed, that eracer.h is missing, so some of the demos will not compile. You can download an older GCB-version and copy eracer.h to the include folder.

    There is another problem with the demos depending on eracer.h, i just noticed:
    GCB@Syn cannot flash the hexfile, if the #chip directive is not in the main-sourcefile (it's in eracer.h).

    So i will revise the demos for the next GGC@Syn release. Seems the best idea to remove all demos that need eracer.h.

    Thanks for the hint.

  • Hugh Considine

    Hugh Considine - 2014-07-25

    The eracer.h file was originally included because that was one of the main PIC based devices I had to play with when GCBASIC was new. The robot associated with that file was replaced by a different model in 2008, so continuing to distribute the file didn't really make sense.

    If there are any demos worth keeping, it shouldn't be too difficult to replace the eracer.h file with the 3pi.h file. Attached to this post are the demo files from GCGB, which are a bit newer and don't require any particular robot (if you'd like them!)


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