New IDE for GCBasic

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  • Chuck Hellebuyck

    Where is the GCGB update located on the GreatCowBasic site?
    I still see 2010 as the latest update.

    • Frank Steinberg

      Frank Steinberg - 2013-09-26

      Hi Chuck,

      the newest compiler-updates are always available at

      I got a pm from user Anobium that the latest compiler update (Version 0.9 22/9/2013) is buggy and he suggested not to use it for the GCB@Syn. So the actual CGB@Syn.ZIP download contains the previous GCB-compiler again (Version 0.9 21/4/2013).


  • Chuck Hellebuyck

    I never noticed that one line where is says to download the latest beta of Graphical GCB until you sent me there.
    I kept going to this page.
    Maybe that should be pulled from the site so the Update page is the only one that has updates.

    I created a new V2.0 install package based on my modified version of your GCB@SYN and was ready to post it at my site but I'll hold off for now.

  • KnatteAnka

    KnatteAnka - 2013-10-02

    Hi i have a problem with GCB@Syn that if i have a label inside a sub the tree becomes wrong
    se image.

    Code exempel that create the problem

    ' Syntax highlighting

    Sub Sub1
    End Sub

    Sub Sub2
    end Sub
    ' Return Dim_Tmp1=1 then wrong chanal
    Sub Sub3

    if var = 0 then
    end if


    end Sub
    Sub Sub4

    end Sub

  • Frank Steinberg

    Frank Steinberg - 2013-10-03

    Hi i have a problem with GCB@Syn that if i have a label inside a sub the tree becomes wrong.

    Modified the lexer a little bit to fix it. Replace the attached LexLib.LXL in folder ...\GCB@Syn\SynWrite\HL and report if it works for you.



    • KnatteAnka

      KnatteAnka - 2013-10-03

      Works like a charm :D thanks

  • Anobium

    Anobium - 2014-02-28

    I don't know that specific programmer or the K150 but it should work by some method.

    Cant underwrite it working but the chips supported look supported check the website for the complete list of GCB supported chips.


  • Frank Steinberg

    Frank Steinberg - 2014-03-01

    Hi Paul,

    this is from the K150 Software helplfile:

    Command Line
    MicroBrn can be started by a command line.
    The format is
    MicroBrn.exe  [Filename]  [Chip Type]  [Fly Window switch] [Quit switch] [Port (Optional)]
    There is a space between each option and switch.
    Chip Type can be written as 16F873 or PIC16F873.
    Wanting MicroBrn to start and load the file called c:\hexfiles\test.hex, and use a 16F873 chip, and show the Fly Window on start up.
    MicroBrn.exe c:\hexfiles\test.hex 16f873 /F /q
    Wanting MicroBrn to start and load the file called c:\files\first.hex, and use a 16F84 chip, and not show the Fly Window on start up.
    MicroBrn.exe c:\files\first.hex 16f84 /f /q
    MicroBrn.exe c:\files\first.hex 16f84
    MicroBrn can also be started from the command line, stay minimised, program a chip and then close again when finished.
    Run MicroBrn, load a file, select a chip, No Fly, and Quit after programming.
    MicroBrn.exe c:\files\first.hex 16f84 /f /Q
    You can also optionally specify the PORT to use on start up.
    MicroBrn.exe c:\files\first.hex 16f84 /f /Q 1
    If the port is not valid, then MicroBrn will not continue.


    So you can try this:

    1. Put the whole folder "K150 Software" inside folder "GCB@Syn"
    2. edit "...\GCB@Syn\G@Stools\flashPIC.bat" this way:
      • disable the unwanted programmer calls by adding "rem" at begin of the line
      • add this:
        REM Call MicroBrn K150 programming software:
        " K150 software\microbrn.exe" %1 %2 /F /Q 6

        The 6 means, that your programmer is located at COM6.


    Last edit: Frank Steinberg 2014-03-01
    • Chuck Hellebuyck

      Great work Frank. I stand corrected. There is a command line for the K150.
      Another great option for GCB@SYN.

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