A To D will not Compile on PIC 16F1823

  • Stephen Burrows

    Stephen Burrows - 2013-03-07

    I have used GCB on and off for a few years and generally it seems to work well.   I would class myself a beginner.
    I seem to have hit a problem that has got me well and truly stuck and I think it may be a complier problem. I striped out of the code to the bare minimum and still cannot get the A To D to compile on the 16F1823/12F1822. The bare min code does compile on all my other pics of which the closest is 16F688. I have try downloading the latest version of GCB and it made no difference.
    When I try to compile I get the following error message

    'Error in Library-a-d h: Incorrect Parameter in Set, expected: set variable.bit. status' this message is repeated 6 Times.

    The cut down code is
    ;Chip Settings
    #chip 16F1823,8

    Dim FRED As byte

    Dir PORTC.2 In
    If READad(AN2) > 2 Then
    FRED = 1
    End If
    Goto MAIN

    The code complies fine on a 16F688.

    I have tried chaging ports/AD Numbers but always get the same problem ?

    Have you seen the problem before and please could you surgest a solution.

    Thanks Steve

    • Saša

      Saša - 2013-10-16

      I think chip data is wrong.
      I tried to modify it, but same error here.
      Someone needs to upload chip data for 16F628 and 16F628a


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