prescaler won' work on 12f508

  • salvo

    salvo - 2012-03-02

    hi to everybody
    i need to assign a 1/8 prescaler to tmr0
    i used the command "init tmr" (init timer 0 ps0 1/8), but when i compile no error reported but the routine does not work.
    with the same routine if i change the chip and use the 12f675 it work perfectly.
    can some body help me with this?
    thank you very much

  • kent_twt4

    kent_twt4 - 2012-04-06

    Using the baseline PIC's is always a treat =).  Don't have the time to look at the library, but you can try the following code to set the maximum prescaler.  I think option_reg could be used now instead of asm option?, this is some older code.

    movlw   B'01000111' ;bit 7 GPWU 0 = enables wake on pin change
                        ;bit 6 GPPU 0 = enables weak pullups on GP0, GP1, GP3
                        ;bit 0-2 assign prescaler to TMR0 prescale
    asm option
  • salvo

    salvo - 2012-04-07

    hello kent
    i was close to add a post here
    i solved writing manully the asm code to set the option reg.
    movlw B'11000010'
    also i needed to reset the option reg after every tmr0 clearing, because when you clear tmr0 you clear also the prescaler too.
    now my speed regulator for rc models work perfectly


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