Helpful feature....

  • Rostislav Persion

    It would be nice if the compiler displayed the size of the finished HEX file upon compilation.

  • Edward LaBudde

    Edward LaBudde - 2013-01-10

    Hi it dose look at the bottom of  complied.lst.  Ed

  • Chuck Hellebuyck

    I don't see a compiled.lst.
    I compiled a simple blink.bas file and all I see is blink.lst. There is no memory used reported in that file.
    So where would the compiled.lst be?

  • kent_twt4

    kent_twt4 - 2013-01-13

    Ed might be using MPASM as the assembler, which with /l+ in MAKEASM gives the compiled.lst file.  At the end of the compiled.lst is the memory usage:

    Program Memory Words Used:   464
    Program Memory Words Free:  3632

    Using GASM as the assembler, and /V in the COMPILE file you get the compiler particulars in the editor output file.  For 31/5/2012 version it seems lacking, or I'm missing a command line switch:

    Read by GCBASIC:
    Input lines: 63
    Variables: 5
    Constants: 207
    Subroutines: 172
    Message CHIPUSAGE not defined in messages.dat!
    Message USEDPROGRAM not defined in messages.dat!1014096
    Message USEDRAM not defined in messages.dat!0256

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