16F1XXX temperature indicator

  • Peter Stone

    Peter Stone - 2013-04-05

    Hi All,

    I have not posted here previously but have been beavering away in the background with a couple of projects based on GCB running on PICs.

    I thought that I should try to share my experiences.

    Hugh has been most helpful so far in fixing a number of GCB bugs that I have identified so far.

    Has anyone ever tried to use the temperature indicator component within the PIC chip (those that have it)?
    I am using a 16F1847.
    When I attempt to read the appropriate A/D channel (29 decimal) I get a value back that looks like a much higher value than I expect.
    I expect to see a count value that is equivalent to 4 x diode voltage drops from the supply rail (5V being used). So something like 450 (using ADRead10) but I get a value in the 800's.

    Any thoughts?



  • kent_twt4

    kent_twt4 - 2013-04-06

    I gave this a go with the PIC12f1822 a while back, and could not get satisfactory results either.  Might work with calibration?  My fix was using the cheap MCP9700.

  • Peter Stone

    Peter Stone - 2013-04-08

    I do not need to know the actual temperature. I was just intending to use the change in values as a crude mechanism to temperature compensate a pressure reading.

    My concern was primarily in the ADC values I was getting back from port 29 (which I believe is the correct port). The values seem quite high.


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