USB with GCB

joe rocci
  • joe rocci

    joe rocci - 2009-11-23

    Has anyone done any USB development using the PIC's internal USB system?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The question was "is anyone using GCB to program these parts"

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Great cow basic does not have a good help file to get started
    Me personally I'm saving up for using pascal as I'm famila with the language with Pentium processor.
    Its just the IO I'm learning to manage

    I'm waiting for one of those new pic18f2250 USB programmers
    I wish they would learn the old trick
    write a program to load new programs down by USB
    then the programmer can be up dated from its own USB port

    I thick you are best to pay for software that you first ask for usb support
    before paying  and knowing what you pay for before doing it
    you need to read about USB2 before you go their too
    Ask Microsoft etc


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I think my question is still not clear. I want to use GCB to control the USB hardware that is built into the 18F2250 (and other parts) so that my GCB program can communicate via USB with a PC. I don't wish to use an external hardware chip (such as the FTDI chip family) to do this; I want to use the PIC's internal USB system.

    As to USB bootloaders, there are a number of them out there for free. For instance, Microchip has a USB bootloader that you can program into a USB-capable part. That's not what I'm looking for.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    only pic18f2250 and its pic18f mates support USB because serrial is much slower and needs less hardwere.
    but these pic18f's are programed by serial port still like the rest

    I'm waiting for a USB version of PicAxe firmwere to come out on a pic18f2250
    that you can make a firmwere file to load directly above the first one
    with usb
    That would be ideal for a USB pic programmer that can be up loaded with updated firm were as it comes out.

    But the only way this would happen is taking my idea and advertizing it.

    Hopefully it would be the one programmer standard that eventually programs all manufatures microcontroler chips.
    a bit like PC compatable when it came out.

    lexdeanair at hotmail dot com

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    again Cow basic has not gone where you wish to go
    you will have to pay through the nose for that
    or learn from assembly code

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I don't think "cow basic has not gone where you wish to go" is a constructive answer. The assembly USB-handler code to do this is freely available and numerous creative folks have rolled it into code written in numerous other languages. It seems to me that it's mostly a matter of compiling the open-source assembly handlers in with the GCB code, and then calling these routines from GCB.

    "It can't be done" is an unacceptable answer. What I'm looking for is how to do it, even if it's difficult,  not why it can't be done.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have my eyes on mikroPascal if I need to do something like that

    Have you gone on to the microchip dicusstion group
    they have agroup just on USB and 5 year plus devalopers are thier
    They realy talk about stuff when it comes to USB

    Just an idea
    Best regards

  • Peter  Rabiger

    Peter Rabiger - 2010-10-07

    A USB solution for GCBasic is also an issue for me. Would be happy if this could be realized in the near future. Can you inform me were to download an assmbler code and how to wrap it in GCBasic?
    USB programmer with USB port is the one from Microchip PICKIT2 or any of that many clones outside there. I have built a fully compatible on (without eeproms) and it works very well. It uses th 18F2550.
    Peter R.

  • Lex Dean

    Lex Dean - 2010-10-07

    Great Cow basic

    I asked a simple question and the reply was to only use code they created
    I asked a simple question and the reply was to only use code they created
    I asked a simple question and the reply was to only use code they created

    That metailty is very stupid to do any project

    buy the Pacal for microchips yet
    its quite advanced

    when you create the Delphi code to comunicate to the chip
    Make a *.dll that is loaded up at start up and Do not use stand C++ procedure but use Delphi procedures
    Then c++ cannot read the dll and .net cannot ether
    as long as its installed before a .net program is exicuted
    Then you do not need .net with your version of Delphi

    Make your *.dll get all your programs resurses
    one day Delphi programmers will make thier own .net eqiverlant in Delphi
    Lex Dean

  • pico

    pico - 2012-01-19

    I have used one example with uart over usb.  What type of usb application do you effectivly need ?


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