Wanted : Libraries PCD8544 for Nokia 3110, 5110, 5510 ....

  • gcha44

    gcha44 - 2014-05-28

    I'am updating the new help file in french language.

    But I'm stuck at the very interesting GCLD section because I think there's a lack .
    Indeed many people now use simple 84x48 LCD display as Nokia 3310, 5510...even LPH7366 and so on.
    We can now find these very cheap modules ( PCD8544 driver) . In fact they are often created for Arduino's users.
    There are many samples on Internet in C++ language but I'll be very happy if someone will create libraries for GCBasic ...Is it possible?
    I'll wait just a little while longer to achieve my translation. :)
    Best regards.

  • Marcoos

    Marcoos - 2014-05-28

    In the Search Discussion you can type Pcd 8544, and enjoy ;-)

    • gcha44

      gcha44 - 2014-05-28

      Thanks Marcoos, I'll try Clint Koehn's code ( 2013-01-11) with atmega8 ( chip running at 3v)

  • gcha44

    gcha44 - 2014-10-21

    Great job Anobium ! .
    Where can I download new GLCD.h library ?

    Since my first post I've created my own specific "Nokia3310.h" library with some graphics subroutines and a little bmp converter to display bitmaps. They work fine.

    But contrary to mine ,your GLCD.h library seems to have the virtue of universality :) Thanks again.

  • Anobium

    Anobium - 2014-10-21

    Thank you. I have been adding a number of devices and this was next on my list. :-)

    Are you able to test? I am looking for validation of the new code before I post to the code repository. I can send directly to you if you are able test. Send me an email please.


  • Anobium

    Anobium - 2014-10-21

    Posted to the code repository. See https://sourceforge.net/p/gcbasic/code/HEAD/tree/GCBASIC/trunk/include/glcd.h

    Posted to https://sourceforge.net/p/gcbasic/code/HEAD/tree/GCBASIC/trunk/include/glcd.h

    Setup is easier. I have adapted. Define the glcd type, specify the pixel sizes, specify the ports. And, if you have device with less than 1024 bytes specify as text mode only with GLCD_TYPE_PCD8544_CHARACTER_MODE_ONLY.

    ~~~~ #include <glcd.h>
    #define GLCD_WIDTH 84
    #define GLCD_HEIGHT 48

    ' For devices with limited RAM you can use Character and Picture mode (no lines, circles etc.
    ' Remove the remark from the define below:
    'Pin mappings for Nokia 3310 Device please use LAT and Port definitions
    #define GLCD_DC latc.2
    #define GLCD_CS latc.1
    #define GLCD_RESET latc.0
    #define _GLCD_DC portc.2
    #define _GLCD_CS portc.1
    #define _GLCD_RESET portc.0
    'Pin mappings for SPI for Nokia 3310 Device
    #define GLCD_DO latc.5
    #define GLCD_SCK latc.3
    #define _GLCD_DI portc.4
    #define _GLCD_DO portc.5
    #define _GLCD_SCK portc.3



    Last edit: Anobium 2014-10-21

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