item 2 for wishlist :)

  • YT2095

    YT2095 - 2012-05-05

    something I would find Very helpful would be a "Release from Reset" function for use with PicKit2 programmers, either something automatic so it releases directly after programming or a drop-down clicky thing.
    I also find that the pickit doesn`y alway "take", GCB will go through the motions when I hit F9, but nothing programs?
    it`s almost like the PicKit has a timeout or something?
    unplugging the USB and putting it back will often work for a few goes, but soon drops out again? not sure if it`s GCB or the programmer doing it.
    but the ability to source power (like it can) and then release from reset would be great!
    and also save wear on the pins having to plug/unplug each time.

    no idea how possible this is or not?

  • joe rocci

    joe rocci - 2012-05-05

    I've used GCB with several different types of programmers and boot loaders without difficulty. Can you explain what you mean by "release from reset" and "doesn't always take"?


  • mmotte

    mmotte - 2012-05-06

    i use a pickit2  on both ubuntu and xp  and it don't take extra steps after programming..

    maybe it is your virus software.

  • YT2095

    YT2095 - 2012-05-08

    release from reset involves the MCLR pin, I have to unplug the PICKIT or yank out the MCLR wire to get the program to run, but the Pickit is capable of pulling that pin high (to VDD) via software, and so Nothing has to be unplugged.
    if you look in MPLAB it`s in there too.

    and by "doesn`t take" it means that GCB will go through the motions of Compiling, but doesn`t send anything to the pickit.
    it may do it 2 or 3 times and then stop.
    so then I have to unplug the USB lead, and plug it back in again for another 2 or 3 goes, and repeat…
    and after a Good session (a few hours) I get this stupid USB device no recognised, and there`s nothing even plugged in! LOL :)
    you`re quite right though, it could Very well be something this end, I`m wondering if anyone else gets the same thing happen and/or has a work-around for it?
    oddly, this morning it`s been working perfectly, go figure! :D

  • YT2095

    YT2095 - 2012-05-15

    Just found something interesting out, seems the release from reset option IS available, but only on some chip descriptions, the MCLR setting option in Hardware settings is the thing I was after, it does exactly as I hoped, but so far I`m only able to use it on the 18f4550, the 16f877a doesn`t have that option.

  • Chuck Hellebuyck

    18F4550 has an internal MCLR pull-up resistor, 16F877a doesn't.
    Are you connecting a pull-up resistor from MCLR to Vdd on the PIC16F877a?
    Without it the PIC may be floating between reset and run which is why you are getting intermittent results.


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