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  • Chuck Hellebuyck

    I downloaded the latest GCGB which shows it was last update 14/2/2010 yet there are parts included in the install that weren't released back in 2010. I checked the about info and it says:
    Version 0.9 14/2/2010

    Is this the latest?
    It appears its been updated for new parts and fixes but the version and date haven't been changed.
    So how do I know I'm getting the latest version download?

  • Hugh Considine

    Hugh Considine - 2012-06-09

    There are actually two programs in GCGB, the editor (GCGB itself), and the compiler (GCBASIC). The About window in GCGB will tell you what version of the editor you have, and the 14/2/2010 version is the latest one on the web. I have made a few minor tweaks here and there to GCGB since, but it hasn't really changed enough to justify a new release.

    The compiler has been updated quite a lot though, and that is what the update.zip file is for. You can tell what version of the compiler you have by making a program in GCGB (just choosing a chip model will do), and then clicking on View Assembly Code. Near the top of the file, you'll see a comment saying what version of the compiler is installed.

    New chip data files for new chips come with the compiler updates, but the current version of GCGB can read them and support the new chips without needing any changes itself. It is probably about time for a new installer for GCGB, might do that once Long variables are fully implemented in both the compiler and GCGB.

  • Chuck Hellebuyck

    Thanks for the explanation I didn't realize they were separate.
    I guess what also confused me is the version shown for the update.zip.
    The update.zip shown on the download page has the Version as 6/2/2010 which I assume means February 6, 2010 yet the file listing page shows the last update happened 3/6/2012. Right now on the surface it looks like the GCGB/GCBASIC hasn't been updated since 2010. It isn't until you click on the file listing link that it appears that updates are happening.

    Just a suggestion,
    maybe a combination version number would help such as GCGB Installation Version 1.12 would help explain it all. 1.12 would mean GCGB editor version 1 and GCBASIC Compiler version 12. When a new compiler update is released the update.zip can reflect version 13 and the GCGB installation file can show Version 1.13 then maybe the about me could show this same combination so its easy to see what version a user is running.

    Your compiler is great. Keep it going.


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