Skipweasel - 2011-04-24

A couple of silly things that took me a while to sort out using GCGB…but don't read it as a long whinge, I'm really grateful for the head-start it's given me.

Firstly, using the LCD Print command - the interface doesn't add the " " either side of the text string, so whatever you send to the module just comes up as 255. Or, rather, it does add them if you use the "Edit" option, but if you just type in the field it doesn't.
Secondly, the 7-segment routines - it would help if the manual explicitly said that you have do the multiplexing yourself rather than leaving the user to find out that it's not part of the routine! It shows up in the example code, but there's no mention of it in the Help file that I can find.

Now - there's nothing actually wrong with this, just that a few words in the right place might save a lot of time.
I do understand that documentation might not be everyone's favourite task (and if I can find the time I might contribute) but given that GCGB is almost by definition for absolute beginners, it might be handy if you held their hand a bit!

There also seems to be a bit of confusion about which help-file is which - the one called by GCGB seems a bit incomplete, it might be easier if it referred more to the GCB one.

For all that, it's been a great help getting me started, and already I'm starting to switch from the Icon window to the Text window - which I guess is the right direction to move.