Peter Rabiger - 2010-11-08

his is a letter I sent by e-mail. But I think it might be good to place that in the forum as well. There are various issues. Hope to get a hint foer the one or other. Thanks a lot for you support

Dear Sir,

After the update of GCBasic in October I felt encouraged to work on an updated German help- and a German messages.dat file. Its finished so far.
They are attached to this e-mail. For the German help I added the following features:
An overview of GCB commands, alphabetically arranged and with hyperlinks to the respective help pages. While translating I came across some terms which are not in the GCB command list. I may put this in the forum.
In Anhang I added a more detailed installation procedure for both GCBasic and Crimson, which I prefer to use since I have discovered some nice features usable for GCBasic
For Crimson a keyword list is now available with (so I hope) all GCBasic commands including all PIC types. I copied them from Gputils. They have a preceding letter P ( P16F877). This is accepted by the compiler.
Added is also a help for PIC pin manipulation. I stumbled a lot over this and I think others do so also. Confusing is sometimes the use or the absence of the equal sign = or the use of on/off resp 1/0. There is also a little bit of setting the config-word and the register for the pins
Also in Anhang is a recommendation for the PICkit2 programmer or a good clone of it after making some frustrating  experiences with other burners. Newcomers should not go through this.
In Anhang under 7Segment I placed an alternative solution for a multiplexed 4 units- display  with schematic and program -listing

This is about the updated German help. While translating I tested also a lot (not all) of the sample programs. Found some minor glitches or I used different chips, since not all in your samples are available for me. I made also a lot of errors – mostly syntax errors. And not all of them were noted by the compiler. Some examples:

dir portb b00000000 missing '  no error message
dir portb b'00000000 missing ' at the end no error message, but compiler complains if a comment follows.

#define porta.3 as switch no error message but message for something else

The use of AN0 or AN1 in a PIC 16F628 is reported by the compiler as an error (SET with wrong parametrs )

The CCP module in the PIC 16F88 can't be addressed. Compiler reports that it is looking for portc, which the 88 of course does not have.

SET portb = 1 instead of all pins only one pin is set high. The instruction dir portb B'00000000' doesn't change this.

Some suggestions:
Writing the program for the multiplexed 7Segment display I noticed that there is a need for a more simplified method of  dismantling a big number into single digits.

The graduation of the POT command is very rough. Is it possible to make steps by 100 Ohms instead of several Kilo-Ohms?

Can you add a float – variable to display simplified fractions of a number?
In this connection I would be glad to have an example as how to use the modulus operand %

How can I send LCDs commands to the LCD display? For example to switch on a blinking cursor the command would be $FE,$0F or sending the cursor home to the upper left corner $FE,128 (without clearing the screen as it does with CLS)

Can the print command be simplified? Instead of : locate 1,0 : print “xxxxx” combine it as print at 1,0 “xxxxx”

Forgive me if the one or other issue had been already discussed in the forum. But my internet connection in my place is very slow – and also needs a lot of time for switching and loading pages.

I am pleased with the improvements  I saw in the last update. Please continue with that good job.

With best wishes

Peter Rabiger