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GCALDaemon 1.0 beta16 released

- Embeddable SyncEngine API! (under ApacheV2)

- LDAP supports multiple Google Accounts
- Better Vista compatibility (+ more docs)
- Bugfix for LDAP+Outlook crash
- LDAP service exports all contacts in VCARD, HTML, CSV and XML formats

Posted by aberkes 2008-02-11

GCALDaemon 1.0 beta15 released

Some parts changed/redesigned in GCALDaemon,
because there have been a lot of changes in Gmail interface too.

- Newer Google Data API
- Proprietary GPL-based components removed from the distribution
- License changed from GPL to Apache
- Sendmail service uses JavaMail SMTP instead of Gmail4Java API
- Mailterm service uses JavaMail IMAP instead of Gmail4Java API
- LDAP uses Gmail's 'Export Contacts' feature (for the Gmail2.0 ompatibility)
- LDAP service exports all contacts into the 'work/vcard' directory in CSV format

Posted by aberkes 2008-01-21

GCALDaemon 1.0 beta14 released

New features:

- Customizable Google alarms (SMS, E-mail, pop-up)
- LDAP support for Evolution
- Local calendar reload script (under test)

Visual Config Editor:

- French and hungarian language files (thanks to SourceForge users)


- New Google Calendar API (gdata)
- New iCal file parser (ical4j)


- Some bug fixed about LDAP socket handler
- "No child handler for sequence" message handled
- Some vulnerabilities has been fixed (thanks to www.securenetwork.it)

Posted by aberkes 2007-09-18

GCALDaemon 1.0 beta13 released

New features:

- Visual Config Editor
- Sync support for Sunbird/Lightning 0.5
- New Google Calendar API (gdata)
- New iCal file parser (ical4j)

- More docs (Config Editor, Lingon)
- Lots of bugfix (see forums for more info)

Posted by aberkes 2007-07-12

GCALDaemon 1.0 beta12 released

- Some bug fixed about recurring events and LDAP

Posted by aberkes 2007-05-15

GCALDaemon 1.0 beta11 released

New features:

- Bidirectional alarm sync!
- GCALDaemon creates backups for local iCal files
- Automatic time zone correction

+ More docs (Evolution Calendar)
+ Lots of bug fixed (thx to forum users!)

Posted by aberkes 2007-05-08

GCALDaemon 1.0 beta10 released

- Lots of bug fixes (Thanks to GCALDaemon Users)

- RSS/ATOM Feed converter has been integrated into file-based synchronizer (see docs)

- Optimized event search; faster synchronization

Posted by aberkes 2007-05-02

GCALDaemon 1.0 beta9 released

New features:

- Recurring event converter is redesigned to be more compatible with RFC 2445

- Recurrence exception iCalendar event property has been implemented

- Recurrence-ID (and its special event type) has been implemented

Posted by aberkes 2007-04-19

GCALDaemon 1.0 beta8 released

Offline (dial-up connection) support!


Posted by aberkes 2007-04-06

GCALDaemon 1.0 beta7 released

New features:

- GCALDaemon offers full support for 'Google Apps for Your Domain' (thanks to mosg.org)
- RSS/ATOM duplication filter


- Fixed problem with feed cache & international charsets
- Other bugfixes about 'reversible events limit' message

Posted by aberkes 2007-03-16

GCALDaemon 1.0 beta6 released

New features:

- GCALDaemon can be run as a servlet on most Servlet Container / J2EE Application Server

- You can export all your Gmail contacts in vCARD format so you can import it in mobile phone

- Finally, you can remotely send commands to your computer via Gmail

Posted by aberkes 2007-02-28

GCALDaemon 1.0 beta5 released

New mail transfer agent feature, fixed problem with multiple Google Account handling in HTTP synchronizer, and new Mac OS X docs - thanks to nethope.blogsome.com!

Posted by aberkes 2007-02-11

GCALDaemon 1.0 beta4 released

New features: Event reminder (alert) support, nice and small Gmail notifier, new HTTP firewall properties in the configuration, invitation support (send an email to the attendees to invite them to attend). Newer APIs, faster startup, and some JRE1.6 bugfixes.

Posted by aberkes 2007-02-02

GCALDaemon 1.0 beta3 released

New features: Gmail Address Book to LDAP converter and RSS cache. Bugfixes: "Program Files" folder hardcoded in Windows Installer release. Password encoder script and menuitem added to Windows Installer. Other: ICS parser runs in relaxed/unvalidated mode for the higher application compatibility.

Posted by aberkes 2007-01-21

GCALDaemon 1.0 beta2 released

New features: RSS/ATOM feed to ICS calendar converter, multiple ICS file listeners

Posted by aberkes 2007-01-08

GCALDaemon now available!

GCALDaemon is an OS-independent Java program that offers two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and various iCalalendar (RFC 2445) compatible calendar applications (Sunbird, Rainlendar, iCal, Lightning, etc). You can download first release from this page:


Posted by aberkes 2006-12-23