Gmail Contacts limitation

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I've just followed the gmail contacts setup guide to succesfully access my gmail contacts in thunderbird. It works beautifully and thanks for an excellent guide and a neat trick. However, I'm not really sure, I'll be using it as the ultimate address book as no other info than name and email address is available. If I want an address or a phone number I'll have to the web site. On inspection it does seem like Gmail has it's very own customisable format, so I realise that it may be hard to get everything but I just thought I'd point it out.

    • aberkes

      aberkes - 2007-03-16

      Thanks for the idea!
      Beta7 supports phone numbers.

    • peppe bergqvist

      peppe bergqvist - 2007-05-17

      My first post here so I'll start by thanking for a great application, this is the thing to really get gmail to your desktop. I'm currently coding a small systray applet for kde for easier ldap access, this thanks to gcaldaemon=)

      I'm also having some trouble with the limitation of searching.
      Look at this screenshot of a contact,
      As you can see this contact has several email addresses, and some other things as several telephone numbers etc etc.

      It would be brilliant if all fields were included somehow. Don't know if they actually are accessible form gmail though.
      Does gcaldaemon use to fetch/parse the information about the contacts? Just so I know where I should start digging if I get the time soon;-)

      • aberkes

        aberkes - 2007-05-18


        > Does gcaldaemon use

        Yes. The real problem is the G4J API, excellent work, but it look a little deprecated.
        It supports "email", "name" and "notes" contact properties, but G4J puts all new Gmail contact properties (secondary email, phone numbers, etc) into the "notes" field.


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