parametric graph range

  • ken

    ken - 2004-12-25

    Is there any way to set the x,y,t ranges with
    script commands? If not it would be a useful new

    • Laurent N

      Laurent N - 2004-12-26

      Perhaps you should try the commands
      [3DXmin=a], [3DXmax=a], [3DYmin=a], [3DYmax=a].
      For polar mode, replace x's and y's with t's and r's respectively.

      I hope this will help you


      P.S: I will be pleased if I could see a more complex script for Graphcalc.

      • ken

        ken - 2004-12-26

        thanks for the response,loll.
        I have no problem with the x and y settings, they work just fine. The t range however is a problem.
        There seems to be no way to set all three ranges.

        • Laurent N

          Laurent N - 2004-12-26

          You're right. There are no commands which allows to modify directly the t-range.
          By luck I have seen that the range is not related with the "axes". That means that the value of the X-range is not fixed with the X-axes, the Y-range not with the Y-axes, ...
          BUT the values of the 4 ranges (e.g. Xmin, Xmax, Ymin, Ymax) in the euclidean room are the same as in the polar room.
          So I have tried the following little programm, and it had worked on the first attempt


          I hope this would help you with your problem.



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