Hi there, I've been having some really odd problems with the wifi on my wii. I'm using debian lenny with the whiite isobel kernel, and while my wireless connects fine, it seems to progressively die over the course of about 2-5 minutes. When i first boot it up, it works fine. I can ssh in and it works normally, with no significant delay. But after a couple of minutes, ssh starts getting laggy (i type something and it takes a few seconds to respond) before eventually freezing altogether. At this point it stops responding to pings too. This happened when it was literally a metre away for the access point. Oddly enough, when i moved it about 15 metres away, it worked for longer before the wireless locked up, but it still happened eventually. I thought it could be some sort of memory issue, with the wii only having 64MB RAM, so I plugged a flash drive into the usb port with a swap partition and swapon'ed it. Didn't help though. Wifi's fairly critical to my application, since I was hoping to plug a hard drive into the USB port and use it as a NAS sort of thing.
Has anyone else had this problem? Or know where I can start with resolving it?

Thanks for your time, and for all the great work the developers have done so far with porting linux to this console :)