Thanks for your patient explainations. I am now begin my linux on a virtualbox to study it :)

2009/12/6 Albert Herranz <>
<cailei1983 <at>> writes:

> Hi
> After I configure my wifi with /root/whiite-ez-wifi-config, I am now able
> to use wifi on my wii. However, there is a problem when I am trying to use
> MLDonkey to download through ED2K or BT. There have been successful downloads
> which are smaller than 200MB, but that is only for my testing purpose. Then
> with the larger files, I got lots of following error:b43-phy0 ERROR : PHY
> transmission errorI have google the problem, it seems that this error is caused
> by some kernel wireless card problem. I wonder if that could be fix on the
> whiite (sorry, I am such a newbie to linux just start to learn it because of
> my wii and the wonderful whiite ~). If the answer is yes, then is there any
> documents or hints on how to do it?Many Thanks ~~~


The error message you are seeing is caused by how the b43 does VCO calibration
every 60 seconds.
At that time, the driver switches from your current channel to channel 1 or 13
(depending on your current channel). If a transmission takes place during that
time frame, the data frame is dropped and the "PHY transmission error" is generated
because the current channel and the channel for which the frame is targeted do
not match.

Note that the message is harmless and causes no problem except a drop of a
transmission frame, which the higher level protocols can recover from.
The message does actually only show up when the driver is compiled with DEBUG

So, this is an "error" of b43 (it shouldn't try transmitting while the channel
switch happens), but shouldn't be an actual problem. Just annoying dmesg spam.