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Gazelle now can export movies! (MOV, AVI)

Gazelle now supports exporting movies in Quicktime (*.mov) and MS Video (*.avi) formats. While Quicktime can be JPEG compressed, MS Video only supports raw (uncompressed) output. Currently, audio is not saved as part of the movie.

Since JMF is being used for export, it must be installed on your system. It will also have different export abilities on different platforms (ie, some export options may work on Windows but not Linux and visa versa).... read more

Posted by Mark McKay 2004-10-06

Gazelle moving to

The active source for Gazelle is now being hosted on The switch isbeing made, as I find the tools provided by to be easier to use. This sourceforge account will be maintained as a mirror, but please check out the site as the primary source of Gazelle code and docs.

Posted by Mark McKay 2004-10-06

Gazelle Animation Editor Uploaded

Latest release is uploaded, with improved code structure and facilities to export animation.

Posted by Mark McKay 2004-09-06

New SVG project on

Wanted to announce a new, related project that I'll soon be hosting at It's an SVG enging for Java, with many improvements over Batik (in my opinion). Hopefully it will become the core rendering engine of Gazelle in the future.

Posted by Mark McKay 2004-08-19

I can't figure out how to upload my changes

Development on Gazelle is currently stalled due to the upload process being too convoluted for me to figure out. I've tried WinCVS, NetBeans CVS, and even command line Cygwin CVS, but I can't get the bloody repositiory to add files or modify existing ones. I can use CVS well on my home machine in a local repository, but there's something particularly evil about sf's CVS.

If there's anyone out there that can help, please email me and I can upload the latest Gazelle with export ability. I'm a programmer, not a unix guru, so please make any instructions straight forward. I've already lost four hours worth of code due to the frigging obscure and tempermenal sf commit process.

Posted by Mark McKay 2004-04-05

Gazelle can now export animation

I've recently extended Gazelle to be able to export animations as a series of JPEG or PNG files. I've also provided a framework that should make it easy for folks to plug in other types of exporters into Gazelle. If someone is familiar with the Java Media Framework, please consider writing a module. There is one string attached - please see the next news item.

Posted by Mark McKay 2004-04-05

Gazelle - A new Java 2 Movie Editor

Gazelle is now up on Source Forge. This is a movie editor in the style of Flash, using Java 2 technology. You can animate lines, shapes, colors, text and images by using key frames. You can also create sound by blending .MIDI and .WAV/.AU files. Gazelle also provides a module you can use in regular Java 2 apps and applets so that you can incorporate your movie as part of your third party program.... read more

Posted by Mark McKay 2002-07-18

Gearing Up

I'm still getting this site put together. It's a bit rocky, as this is the first time I've used Source Forge. If you see anything out of place, or could suggest a way to improve the Gazelle project page, please let me know (the mailing lists should be running soon).

The source code is in the CVS tree. The compiled binaries (executable JAR files) are still available from my old site,, and will be there until I finish building this site.

Posted by Mark McKay 2002-07-14

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