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GAUL Ported to Open Watcom Compiler

GAUL is now ported to the Open Watcom C/C++ compiler.

All files required for building GAUL with the Open Watcom compiler and IDE are provided in the "Watcom" subdirectory of the GAUL source code package. This is tested with Open Watcom version 1.7a.

Further details are available about GAUL on Open Watcom:

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2009-04-07

Visual Studio solution for GAUL

Solution and project files for Microsoft Visual Studio are now included in the GAUL CVS archive.

Microsoft Windows is now a fully supported platform for GAUL. GAUL has always been readily portable, but now it is more immediately useful for developers of Windows software, or of other portable software that also needs to support Windows.

The CVS archive may be browsed from: read more

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2009-03-31

GAUL 0.1849 - now with Differential Evolution

New release of open-source GAUL with support for Differential Evolution

Reading, UK, April 22, 2005 -- The GAUL project is proud to announce
the latest release of GAUL(TM) - the Genetic Algorithm Utility Library,
a leading open-source programming library for evolutionary computation.
GAUL 0.1849 contains enhancements to portability and scalability along
with several new features.... read more

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2005-04-22

GAUL with Perl!

A new package, gaul-perl, has been added to the CVS archive. This is a set of prototype wrappers around the GAUL library for Perl.

While it is still far from complete and highly experimently, it is functional for simple GA calculations. This is demonstrated by the included script which is a direct port of the struggle.c example from the main GAUL distribution. When complete, the number of supported scripting languages will be brought to three (along with the built-in support for S-Lang, and the propriety gaul-svl wrappers for SVL).... read more

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2005-02-24

Compiling GAUL on Windows.

A Windows port of the GAUL sourcecode is now available for download. This source code is distributed with instructions for compilation with Microsoft Visual C++ and the Bloodshed Dev-C++ IDE.

This Windows port is almost feature-complete with respect to the original UNIX code-base.

The download is available at:

Further information is available from: read more

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2005-02-23

New GAUL release (version 0.1848)

The GAUL project announces the latest release of GAUL - the Genetic Algorithm Utility Library, a leading open-source programming library for evolutionary computation. GAUL version 0.1848 contains a significant number of improvements and additions.

Since the prior release, significant work has been applied for clean compilation with recent compilers, and straightforward installation on modern computer systems. This has been facilitated through testing on several supercomputers and large clusters. The GAUL developers thank the individuals and organisation who have made this possible.... read more

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2005-02-22

x86_64 and alpha binaries available

64-bit GAUL binaries for use on AMD64 (x86_64) and Alpha platforms are now available for download.

Further binaries for Sparc64, MIPS, Power3/4/5, and probably others could be made available upon demand.

Now, who has an IA64 machine that I could borrow? ;-)

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2004-07-01

New version of GAUL released

San Diego, CA, June 28, 2004 -- The GAUL project announces the latest release of GAUL(TM) - the Genetic Algorithm Utility Library, a leading open-source programming library for evolutionary computation. GAUL 0.1847 contains significant enhancements to its portability, scalability and features.

GAUL is fully supported on UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems, and all core features are available on Microsoft Windows environments. GAUL is able to take full advantage of the wide range of available computer platforms including Beowulf-style clusters and supercomputers. GAUL can now utilizes the MPI and OpenMP standards, the forked-process model, and the pthreads programming interface as appropriate for the system.... read more

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2004-06-28

GAUL 0.1846 - Now for Windows!

San Diego, CA, August 27, 2003 -- The GAUL project announces the latest release of GAUL(TM) - the Genetic Algorithm Utility Library, a leading open-source programming library for evolutionary computation. GAUL 0.1846 contains significant enhancements to its features and usability. This is the first version to officially support the MS Windows environment, in addition to the prior supported UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems.... read more

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2003-08-29

Debian Package Available

A debian package is now available for GAUL from the download page.

I would like to thank Gad Abraham for testing this package.

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2003-06-11

Release 0.1843 of GAUL released

The current development cycle has seen lots of behind-the-scenes code tidying and fixes. All users of GAUL are encouraged to upgrade to this version, although this will require the two minor changes detailed below.

The following new features are available:

- ga_fitness_mean() function to provide additional statistics on the population.
- ga_population_get_generation() function to access the generation number from within the callbacks used during evolution, e.g. the fitness evaluation function.
- A new elitism option, GA_ELITISM_RESCORE_PARENTS. This re-evaluates the parents' fitness and maintains them in the population if they still have a sufficiently high fitness.... read more

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2003-04-06

Release 0.1842 of GAUL now available

The main additions to this release are much improved non-evolutionary heuristic algorithms. This release has been tested on a range of platforms, including Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD.

Significant changes:
- Numerous fixes for compilation with MingW ( ) for Windows and some minor fixes for clean compilation on Solaris and FreeBSD.
- Added a kludge to avoid problem with "OpenMOSIX weird bus error bug".
- Hill climbing (random ascent and next ascent) code completely rewritten. Added
simplex search, random search, systematic search, and steepest ascents algorithms along with some examples.

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2002-12-21

Release 0.1840 of GAUL now available

A new version of GAUL is now available.

This version breaks backward compatibility due to a number of API changes that were deemed necessary prior to the forthcoming stable release.

See release notes for further details.

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2002-09-06

Release 0.1839

Release 0.1839 of GAUL has just been uploaded.

The most notable changes in this release are:
* Selection by Stochastic Universal Sampling is now supported.
* Chromosome similarity calculation routines have been added.
* Populations and entities may be written to and read from disk.

Please report any remaining and/or newly introduced bugs to

If you have written a program which utilises GAUL, then I would be delighted to hear about it. Send a comment or two about your experiences with GAUL to

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2002-05-30

Release 0.1837

*** Release 0.1837 fixes several known bugs in GAUL. ***
*** Anybody using GAUL is advised to upgrade to this version. ***

The most notable changes for this release are:
* GNU Libtool is now used for library handling.
* Some multi-processor code has been restored.
* Two new example programs are added to the distribution:
- A neural network evolution example added.
- A multi-processor island-model example added.
* GAUL was successfully compiled using the Intel C/C++ compiler.... read more

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2002-02-12

Release 0.1834

Release 0.1834 has been uploaded. The two significant changes are:
- The SGI MIPSPro C compiler for IRIX is now supported.
- A "bitstring" chromosome type has been added to the distribution (due to public demand) for binary coded and Gray coded data.

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2001-07-01

GAUL now more portable

GAUL (version 0.1833) has just successfully compiled on Solaris and FreeBSD.

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2001-06-20

Release 0.1832

New GAUL source code development release, 0.1832. It fixes (many of) the bugs in release 0.1831 and adds a new example program.

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2001-06-17

GAUL release 0.1831

Source code for version 0.1831 has just been released. If all goes to plan, version 0.1859 will be the final release prior to version 1.

Posted by Stewart Adcock 2001-06-16