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GaugeBook development paused

Hey, it's a pity, but I haven't got the time to continue developping GaugeBook at the moment - I haven't even got time to fly around with the flight simulator. That's why development is idle until I got enough ressources to continue working on it. If you are into Java programming and want to help or contribute to the project, create a sourceforge account and send me a message. Thanks, Michael

Posted by Michael Nagler 2010-10-11

FS2004 to be supported in the next version

The next version of GaugeBook (0.7.6 beta) will be the first to support FS2004, although not all features of the FSX / SimConnect version are going to be impemented. The interface used is FSUIPC. FS2004 users will have to launch a new tool I called GaugeHook on their Flight Sim machine, which connects to FSUIPC and sets up a small HTTP server, that the GaugeBookFSUIPC uses to get the data from. HTTP is used just in the first versions. For better performance and less network load, this will be changed to a UDP protocol later on.

Posted by Michael Nagler 2010-06-02

GaugeBook 0.7.5 beta is here :)

The latest version of GaugeBook uses hardware acceleration for all gauges (not only the G1000), a first version of the ChartViewerGauge, a new GUI look and feel (customized nimbus) and a lot of bug fixes and minor improvements. Also the license changed from LGPL to GPL3.

Posted by Michael Nagler 2010-05-29

GaugeBook 0.7.5 to be released this weekend

The next version of GaugeBook is going to be released this weekend. You can already get a prerelease version on the homepage ( Note that the prerelease is intended for beta testers and / or future fellow developers ;) Fullscreen support is broken and there are still some minor bugs to fix (background boxes in G1000, HSI Gauge showing wrong scale, etc). Have fun!

Posted by Michael Nagler 2010-05-26

GaugeBook 0.7.4 beta now comes with cfg file

There seems to be a bug in the startup procedure, that causes problems when running GaugeBook for the first time. To avoid these problems, I released the 0.7.4 beta with a preconfigured cfg file (you find it in the cfg directory of your gaugebook folder). Only edit the cfg if you know what you're doing. The IP Address defaults to localhost, since I guess most people will check out GaugeBook on the machine running FSX anyway.

Posted by Michael Nagler 2010-05-14

GaugeBook 0.7.4-beta patched to rev. 186

This mini release fixes some bugs (startup without config file, some xml files throwing an exception) and includes some improvments to the G1000 display. Have fun :)

Edit: Fix a bug and get another one for free. Sourcecode now is rev 189, titlebar in GaugeBook still says 186, but that's the latest version - dont get confused ;)

I gonna establish a more professional test / release work flow as soon as it's out of beta :D

Posted by Michael Nagler 2010-05-10

GaugeBook 0.7.4 beta patched to rev. 185

After having released the 0.7.4 beta I found that the revision was 184. So if you got that, just download and extract this version (rev 185) to your GaugeBook folder. It contains small bug fixes for the G1000 gauge (boxes for VOR2 and ADF, ADF needle now showing the correct radial, etc). Have fun!

Posted by Michael Nagler 2010-05-08

GaugeBook 0.7.4 beta released

Introducing the G1000 gauge and hardware accelerated graphics, this release is a big step for the project. The user interface has also been significantly improved, since you now can do nearly everything in the function key bar and radio panel with your mouse and mouse wheel. Have fun :)

Posted by Michael Nagler 2010-05-07

GaugeBook 0.7.3 released

Finally it's here. Get it on our homepage:

Posted by Michael Nagler 2010-04-29

GaugeBook 0.7.3 beta to be released :)

Took me a while to find time and get back to this project, but the spring VFR flight fever made me continue :) Version 0.7.3 is going to be released at the end of this week and will introduce some handy features. You now can set, swap and enable radio and nav frequencies with the mouse, hide the radio panel and function key bar if you just want to use the tool to display gauges, have a look at the 737 gauges (which won't be improved soon, since they simply run too slowly on my netbook) and last but not least you can listen to AM radio now by simply selecting the right frequency in your ADF and hit enable :)

Posted by Michael Nagler 2010-04-28

Project now hosted on / 0.7.1 beta released

GaugeBook is now hosted on Also the 0.7.1 beta version has been released and SVN is now available. The classes have been refactored to match the new domain (org.gaugebook) and some new Gauges are available. You can now define your own gauges by using XML and the GenericXMLGauge or the GenericDualXMLGauge. Details can be found on :)

Posted by Michael Nagler 2009-08-03

GaugeBook 0.4.7 alpha released

Yep, it's out - check it out here:
Next month it's becoming BETA :)

Posted by Michael Nagler 2009-06-28

GaugeBook 0.4.1 alpha released

You can download the latest version of GaugeBook from

Posted by Michael Nagler 2009-06-25

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